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  3. Merci pour ta réponse ! La carte BCM94360CD m'a l'air d'être le meilleur choix car c'est la plus performante des deux. Par contre les MacBook Pro 2016 profitant de la version 4.2 du protocole Bluetooth, cela signifie qu'il s'agit de carte plus récente, connaissons-nous leur référence ? En tout cas les stocks ne court pas les rues pour la BCM94360CD...
  4. Hey guys! So, I'm trying to install Mac OS X on my PC. The problem is, my PC freezes at the Apple logo screen during installation and the symptoms I've noticed are that HDD led and DVD drive led turn off completely. I've tried different ways I found on the internet but none of them worked. I'm using Hazard 10.6.6i iso file with chameleon bootloader pre-installed. I've also tried doing this with iboot but it didn't work at all. My system information: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Motherboard: Technos G41 Series Memory: 4GB DDR3 Graphics: Built-in Intel G41 Express Chipset But guys please don't say that my system is not supported because my friend has installed it on his PC with the same specs as mine except the CPU. He has Intel Pentium E2180, does it matter btw? I really wanna install this, so any help would greatly be appreciated.
  5. Thanks guys
  6. Hi, I'm fairly new to the world of Hackintosh. I've successfully installed Mac OS X Sierra on my HP Elitebook Folio 9480m. So far I was able to get my internet working by purchasing a Wifi USB stick, and my audio working. Is there an auto patcher for all other problems I'm facing? Thanks for your help!
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  8. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312714-amd-macos-1012x-sierra-kernel-testing-release-for-help-use-the-help-topic/page-25
  9. I am trying to install Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.8 on a Lenovo ThinkCentre: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (7.47 GB usuable) System: 64-bit Operatiing System, x64-based processor OS: Windows 10 Enerprise. Each time I boot with Hackboot V7 1.0, attempting to install the operating system, I get the error "BIOS disk read error at sector: 00000011: as may be seen in the capture below. I am accessing the ISO from my own network. I have copied the file locally and I get the same error. Can anyone help?
  10. Si tu veux une carte combo wifi/bluetooth fonctionnelle à 100% et nativement, opte pour une carte Apple Broadcom sur adaptateur PCIe. Par exemple, une carte BCM94360CD ou BCP94331CD. Voir ici.
  11. Yes it can be done but I don't know how ... DMos here is the guy for AMD hackintosh builds but he's not around as much these days because of other commitments. If you have time to wait, then I am sure he will chip in when he gets time. If not try http://amd-osx.com they have a forum there that will get you started. Martin
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  13. Can you please delete my account to
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  15. Hello guys, i'm new on this forum and i'm Italian, so forgive me for grammatic errors :D. I'm not so expert in hackintosh but i'm good with computers, so i want to put hackintosh on my PC. My hardware is: AMD FX 8350 GIGABYTE 970A-UD3 ASUS GEFORCE GTX760 DIRECTCU II 8GB RAM, 1TB HD.. Is it possible, in your opinion, to make hackintosh?
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  17. The Z9 should work as a Mac Pro 6,1 SMBios but you will need to find a proper Serial Number - Serials that start with CO can be problematic. 128Gb RAM is good for the Mac Pro 6,1 too The DSDT might need editing to get the full 24/48 cores/threads to work, if I remember rightly you will get AppleACPI errors on boot if it's needed El-Cap used to support the -xcpm_ipi too and you can get proper speed step support with Yosemite and El-Cap Yosemite gives you better chance of getting Nvidia working without black screen issues if the GFX card is installed to PCIe Slot 5 El-Cap required the SSDT2 file if I remember rightly too. Martin
  18. I see. My setup is a little bit different: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2696V2 (12-Core) 8x 16GB ECC REG DDR3 (128GB) ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Right now I have a lot of trouble. Installation worked, but starting from SSD is pain. Most of the time I get the "Couldn't allocate runtime area" Error. Still trying to find a permanent solution..
  19. I am getting the same error! Tried with hp laptop
  20. Hello otq09398, I hope that I have not come too late! I have just managed to successfully install Sierra 10.12.2 and am also using the Netgear A6100 USB adapter. After doing some googling on the chipset, I discovered this cached webpage with the following info regarding the adapter: It appears it shares a chipset with an Edimax product. After searching for Edimax's drivers, I found that they DID in fact have an up-to-date MacOS driver for the EW-7811UTC. I've installed it with success on Sierra 10.12.2 on my Hackintosh. It can be found on this page, along with drivers for Windows and previous versions of MacOS. Here is the link to the MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) driver. I've also attached the Zip file and listed two mirrors, in case the Edimax page is down, or the driver is removed. Mirror 1 Mirror 2 I hope you haven't given up! EW7811UTC_MacOS10.12_Driver_1830.10.b4_1827.4.b22_DropDownMenu_5.0.3.b7.zip
  21. If you have the same CPU's and graphics card as I was using then, the replacing of the EFI might work. I had a power failure which corrupted my Z9 just as Sierra was made public beta and just as I got the newer Z10 system built. The public beta did not work on the Z9 but did on the Z10. Whether this was down to the new Sierra security settings was never ascertained as I gave the Z9 to my bro as an early Christmas present and proceeded with the Z10 build. However after saying this, I am not sure how things will work out for you using anything other than Clover and Apples create media ran on another hack or a Mac with an App Store acquired Sierra image Martin
  22. Nice Tutorial! Does Sierra Installation work with the same EFI Setup? I have a U{censored} USB Stick, does it make sense to replace the EFi with yours? And after Installation, the same with my SSD? Thanks.
  23. Hi guys I've just updated my fully working hackintosh to Macos sierra using clover and I'm facing this new problem that I've never seen before... Inever had any issues with previous versions, my specs are: Gigabyte h110m s2h, intel pentium G4500 skylake with integrated graphics. Thanks for your help Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  24. Tiger... Ça remonte au premier ordinateur qu'on a eu dans la famille, un Power Mac G3 ! J'avais tout juste l'âge de commencer à comprendre ce que je voyais à l'écran ! La carte WiFi/Bluetooth que tu me conseilles, est-elle compatible nativement avec macOS ? D'ailleurs, sait-on quelle carte équipe les derniers MacBook Pro Touch Bar ? J'ai essayé de chercher mais sans succès... Pour l'audio, le principal reste que ça fonctionne via mon casque et/ou mes écouteurs, donc je vais m'en contenter. Je suis content, au travail ils ont un petit parc de Mac Mini et de MacBook Pro ! Je suis en train de récupérer un Mac Mini mi-2010 et tenter de le configurer pour que je puisse l'utiliser comme ordinateur de travail, au lieu du portable sous Windows 10 que j'ai actuellement.
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  26. Tout baigne ! André
  27. Thank you TpwUK
  28. Version 1.0.0


    The package contains DSDT with HDEF added for appleHDA and config.plist for Intel HD 4600. Note: 1 - I use Intel HD 4600 video on board. Note: 2 - install Kext FakeSMC in the S / L / E folder Note: 3 do not need kext in the EFI / CLOVER / kexts folder Tradução. o pacote contem DSDT com HDEF adicionado para appleHDA e config.plist para Intel HD 4600. Obs: 1 - eu uso video on board intel HD 4600. Obs: 2 - instalar a Kext FakeSMC na pasta S/L/E Obs: 3 não precisa instlar kext na pasta EFI/CLOVER/kexts
  29. I would start with google and search for 'Asus k55vd hackintosh success' and find a guide that you can follow Martin
  30. I get a Kernel panic with this version
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