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  3. I didn't say anything about lan. You can use any supported graphics card, cpu should be ok. But again, you need to tell us your specs in order to help you.
  4. Can I use some PCI LAN card and some GT GPU? Or some another Motherboard for that C2D or I can't use that CPU?
  5. We need some more info about your computer/specs. If you are using GMA 3100 that card isn't supported. Sorry.
  6. Just for the records, I meanwhile lost my icloud access totally. First it was the same issue as hackintosh0505 reported, permanent queries to give user/pass. That cured it for a while. Next came two factor authentification and I sumitted my cell phone number. From that day I could not access the icloud account any more. For 15th of June apllication dedicated passwords are reqired for icloud, so they say. Not for me, thanks thats it. Too bad Gockel is coming up with the same "improvements" it seems. Your account has been accessed by an unsafe app blah, blah... Was that really you signing in with MacBook so and so... I´m inclined to agree with TpwUK. Conserve what you want macOS or OSX wise (for instance I still got a 10.6.8 instance on an old Optiplex 780) and switch to another OS for anything internet related. Windows 10 is not that bad, and there are tons of GNU/Linux builds. You may know that W10-64 does still run the "free" Adobe CS2 suite plus BasiliskII Build 142 to read/write HFS floppies and Mac SCSI devices. A historical joke that we have to use Windows to access vintage Mac stuff. With Apple´s AFS file system ante portas, I can´t see much reasons for using macOS at all, unless you are a XCode developer. Just my 2 EUR cents.
  7. Hello, I tried Mackintosh on my old PC, I installed OS X 10.11 and update it. I don't know how to use kexts for iGPU(It have really small VRAM and it's very slow) and onboard LAN. Next thing I tried was MB{censored} but it doesn't work. Can you guys help me?
  8. Барахло! Не работает! Пробовал с разными флэшками и по разному их форматировал!
  9. Не работает. На моменте установки пишет "Установка не выполнена. Установщик обнаружил ошибку, вызвавшую сбой установки. Обратитесь за помощью к произодителю ПО."
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  11. I would give your notebook a whirl with El Capitan or Sierra, can´t harm to try. There are comments over at Insanelymac about the HD 4000 GPU since 2013, so it should work basicsally. Whether the peripherals like webcam, card reader, camera etc. will work or not, I can´t tell. The Clover boot loader is evolving great and auto detects tons of hardware. To get the OS is a hen/egg problem. Though Apple is offering new OS for free, its near impossible to DL without a working macOS. If you already have a Yosemite instance running you should get the recent OS download ofered. A virtual machine may be worth a thought too. Here is a link to another Vivobook to give you the idea - lots of reading and consideration. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312773-guide-el-capitan-10115-on-asus-vivobook-s400c-s400ca-ca178h/?hl=%2Basus+%2Bvivobook#entry2402952 Good luck!
  12. Version v2.4


    A Minimal and Super Fast Kext Installer and Repair Permissions for Mac OS This app is written in SwiftDescription : Drag one or several Kexts,Bundle,Plugin,PPP on the application (not a folder) Double Tap on "Drop your kext here" to select several Kexts,Bundle,Plugin,PPP on the application manually Change destination as desired (LE or SLE) Backup is created at Desktop Option to save log Choose auto-mode , when automode is not selected you have to press Install button after dragging files Use Drag-Drop or manually browse (click on drop section) files to select Note : for Mac OS 10.12 and greater sudo spctl --master-disable for EL Capitan and Sierra disable SIP or use 0x03 For Yosemite use kext-dev-mode=1 Restart is required after installation
  13. Has anyone had any luck getting a "for dummies" step by step version?
  14. better late than never right? I had to send it off for an HDD failure and when I got it back put Ubuntu on it. I am definitely ready to move forward with this build and eliminate windows from my life. I forgot about this forum and have been searching all day until I ran into my own post haha. So here is my deal. This is my only system other than an iphone, I am currently dual booting Ubuntu and Win10 Intel® Core™ i3-3217U HM76 chipset intel HD graphics 4000 Ivybridge Bluetooth USB dongle 256gb SATA HDD My digitizer is cracked so I need to be able to disable it Other forums I have read state that the Wifi PCI-E card has to be replaced so I ordered the recommended one from amazon should be here 5-24-17 If I don't need this I will glady return it I don't have a lot experience with OS-X at all so I would like your opinion on what would be the most stable best functioning option. I don't care if I run Mountain Lion or Yosemite. I Never want to deal with windows again. I hope this is still active. I will be monitoring for any reply. Please let me know what I need as far as equipment or software. I have access to plenty of pen drives from 1GB -2TB. My internet is slow so it may take me a couple days to get everything downloaded. I hope someone has put together a step by step guide for dummies because I don't even know how what type of file system anything has to be formated in or what apple commands look like. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to look at this or can offer some assistance.
  15. Ky56, Unfortunately I switched over to an MSI GTX 980 4G card. Running 10.12.5 no problems. 775 is quite old but glad to see you've gotten as far as you have. Define what exactly "refuses to work" means. Where is it hanging in boot? I recommend installing the latest web drivers from Nvidia. To do that, since your locked out of your OS, you'll probably have to do some digging around on the forums to see how to do that. It's probably just a matter of copying over Nvidia kexts. Also, look to see what changes were made to 10.12.5 update in regard to graphics. My last recommendation would be to post on insanelymac forum and see what they think.
  16. Did you manage to install 10.12.5 and get the GTX 650 working. Mine refuses to work. I'm using G41 chipset with a E8400 lga775. My SMBIOS is MacPro6,1 and I'm using PikerAlphas AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext patch to make MacPro6,1 compatible (this worked on 10.12.4).
  17. hi there, i was happy to see this kext but as i tested it my screen became black after boot as it was still running behind, i typed my password it shows some splashes and did log me in and i could see two displays in my display menu. when i am in default mode i can see the menu bar but my dock does't appear and when i switch my display to another i get a small resolution half my screen size where everything works and i could get a 144 mb graphics where as in default i could get 5mb, you guys are doing great, i'll wish u all the best, i'll post some pictures if that might help. and i am on El Capitan
  18. Use DPCiManager, and provide details of your Hardware(print Screen) so others can help you.
  19. Hello, Yes completely, some AMD motherboard with bios uefi Aptio as MSI AM1I socket for cpu kabini perfectly supports clove mode uefi or legacy, clover is only a bootloader like chameleon.
  20. Hello, I installed Mac OS on my Acer Revo One RL85 with Intel i5. I'm missing Audio/Sound and Wifi, how can I fix this? https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/support-product/5823?b=1 privatekey
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  22. ola.. feito update na GA z87x,i5 ,gt210..em hdd externo...parece ok feito update na MSI z170 pc mate ,i5 gt210..em hdd externo...parece ok c.frio
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This time ATIRadenX2000.kext should be correct. Not sure about AMD48000Controller.kext though. All credits go to netkas and fantomas. Original kext enclosed in zip package. Give it a try!
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Atheros AR9285 Wifi Kext Tested and working fine with Sierra 10.12.5
  25. Could you pls share your config.plist ?
  26. Greetings, I am new to this forum. Did not know amd CPUs work with hackintosh. Been primarily working with clover for intel systems. Is it possible to make AMD processors work with Sierra as simply as clover supported systems?
  27. bonsoir si quelqun pouvais m'aider à trouver les kexts pour mon portable je vous remercie d'avance car je galère vraiment svp
  28. aqui 100%, André.
  29. Reset your bios to default value and find out what new changes the system will bring that make successful installation of OS X on your system: 1. Power on the system. 2. While the blue Dell logo is visible, press the < F2 > key to enter the System Setup. 3. Press the < Num Lock > key, and verify that the Num Lock light is on. 4. Press the < Caps Lock > key, and verify that the Caps Lock light is on. 5. Press the < Scroll Lock > key, and verify that the Scroll Lock light is on. The lights on the keyboard should all be illuminated as in Figure 1. 6. Press the < Alt >+< F > keys at the same time. The system will beep as the setup defaults are restored. 7. Press the < Alt >+< B > keys at the same time to restart the system. The changes are automatically saved. Get more support for installation purpose in Dell Optiplex 745 Manual. Good Luck.
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