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  3. Los kexts de sonido ocasiona ruidos al iniciar el sistema. Asus K43E.
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  5. macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 4 (17A315i)
  6. Does this still work its not showing anything.
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  8. 10.12.6 (16G29) (App-Store - Avto update) CMI-8738 - Yes USB 2.0 - Yes
  9. Version - 10.12.6 (16G29) ( Snow Leopard --- 10.6.8)
  10. Finally. all my troubles were because of the source I've been using to install OS X. I found a source which installed automatically and smoothly and Clover Boot Loader on the installation USB drive booted the OS. There is one more possibility to boot the OS - from board's Internal EFI Shell. For this to work the HDD's EFI partition needs to be made bootable, for example by installing Clover in it, and then to put the EFI folder from the installing USB drive in it. (In case Clover has been installed for the purpose of making HDD's EFI partition bootable, its EFI folder is to be replaced.) Then, board's Internal EFI Shel needs the boot path HDD:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi from which it invokes Clover Boot Loader. It boots the OS.
  11. I've got a working installation of OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on Intel Server Board S5520HC. Not sure I'll tune it to match the board, though. Never the less, with a bootable HDD's EFI partition (after installing Clover in it for example) and the EFI folder from the installation USB drive in it and with a boot path for the board's Internal EFI Shell drive:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi the board can invoke Clover Boot Loader which load the OS.
  12. Me funcionó perfecto en mi Asus K43e, solo lo instalé y funcionaron todas las funciones Fn de mi teclado. Gracias por compartilo.
  13. Update Combo
  14. vim aqui para avisar, mas você já avisou, ahahahahaha, aqui 100%, André.
  15. Enterprise content: Resolves an issue that prevents making certain SMB connections from the Finder. Fixes an issue that causes Xsan clients to unexpectedly restart when moving a file within a relation point on a Quantum StorNext File System. Improves the stability of Terminal app. Update Combo
  16. La version finale (build 16G29) est disponible sur l'App Store...
  17. So, is there a way how to full enable? ok, in the tutor to patch framebuffer its need xcode, i dont have and wont download, can i patch without xcode installed?
  18. This is expected. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement is an Apple kext, and is located at /S/L/E. Weird, NCPM should've solved any AICPUPM woes for that dual Xeon setup. Have you tried placing it in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other? Maybe installing it to /S/L/E and booting without caches might work?
  19. Sounds to me like graphics acceleration isn't fully working. If this happens with any of the framebuffers you've tried, then you'll likely need to make your own patched one. I linked a tutorial on how to do that farther up in the thread.
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  21. Thank you for answering me. I've thought I need to find a better solution for the boot OS X process I've implemented but situation has changed and I'm almost at the beginning. The long story short seams like this: I've made a Clover boot installer, it installed OS X 10.11.6 on a target HDD, I've made the proposed changes to the EFI partition of target disk so as to make the OS X bootable and using the installer's USB I can boot the installed OS X El Capitan. But, ... an error on the installer's USB flash prevents me from new OS installation. I tried to generate a new Clover boot installer but still without success. The problem I see is: panic(cpu ...): Kernel trap at [], type 13=general protection Debugger called: <panic> Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (218.0) Darwin Kernel ver 15.6.0 The situation is the same even when no AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext is present in the Clover/kext/10.11 folder and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext is present there and in the root of USB drive, where I put it because even I put this extension in the Clover Cofigurator's Kernel and Kext Patches/ForceKextsToLoad nothing has happened, along with FakeSMC.kext and EFI folder. So, right know, I don't know what to do. When I've succeed making the bootloader I just followed the publication Install OS X 10.11 El Capitan on Hackintosh (Vanilla) knowing nothing. Now, I'm in a better form having some experience but, obviously, not enough knowledge. So, someone help me please.
  22. Ive been succes with my vga cable, but in adobe illustrator its very slow when i draging mouse to pick a color, now i edited agpm but isn't help. try with dvi-i converter cable, my screen is blank after success boot, i try fbname in clover for cardinal, motmot, radeon but not help, btw only motmot fb name worked for me when using vga cable, dvi-i not work. sorry for bad english.. i'm Indonesian.. thx reply..
  23. Hi Daniel, Nice choice! What GPU are you rocking? For anyone else reading and interested in a high refresh rate monitor, I would recommend one with Adaptive Sync technology relative to the brand of your graphics card. Some entry level samples are included below: NVIDIA - G-Sync Acer XB241H AMD - FreeSync Acer XF240H
  24. Hi, If you have no signal at boot, it may indicate that a different or patched framebuffer is required. Depending on what bootloader you're using, the invocation of a different framebuffer differs: Chameleon/Enoch/Chimera AtiConfig=framebuffer Clover [more info] <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>FBName</key> <string>framebuffer</string> </dict> I would recommend trying the Radeon framebuffer first. If that doesn't work, then it is likely you will have to take the patch route.
  25. Hi, I'm still not quite sure what you were trying to accomplish or if you were successful in your goal, but the Clover wiki has a page that should answer this particular question of yours: https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/What-is-what
  26. I'm surprised that old kext even worked in Sierra. You're lucky it didn't break your system! From what I gather from the comments section of the file you used, if your card isn't being recognized properly by the kext alone, you'll need some kind of DSDT patch to get it properly recognized, although the OP wasn't very specific as to what kind of patch was necessary. However, I would advise that you halt any further work on the GT 540M, delete the installed kext, and focus your efforts on disabling it, as NVIDIA Optimus does not work in macOS. You'll be able to achieve full graphics acceleration and save a lot more battery if you stuck with your HD 3000.
  27. Hello! I recently successfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my Toshiba laptop (P755 10D). All works well except for the fact that my video card - Nvidia GT 540M is recognized with just 384 vram although it has 1GB. I used this kext that made the OS recognise my hard as GT540M and not HD 3000 see the image -> https://ibb.co/djYMaF . Does anyone know how I can increase the video ram?
  28. Thank you for the kexts! However, after installing it on my GT540M 1GB the OS recognises my card with the correct name - GT 540M but with only 384MB vram. Is there a method I can increase it to its full 1GB?
  29. Muchas gracias, me funcionó en Asus K43e, intel core i3 2310m en Yosemite 10.10.5. Tenia mucho tiempo buscando y ninguno funcionaba
  30. Let me finish this topic although I'm not finished yet. I've found this: I did that and using the installer to run its BOOTX64.efi Clover offered an option to boot the OS from the HDD and finally macOS 10.11 started on my machine. Not understanding this boot process, I'm not satisfied. The chain is: Clover boots from the boot installer, which boots from the HDD where the installed OS resides. (This OS is bootable by VNware also.) The HDD EFI partition contains a BOOT directory where there is a BOOTX64.efi and two more directories: Clover and BOOT. The last BOOT directory contains BOOTX64.efi also.
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