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  4. I've got it resolved - I've had to provide AMDSupport.kext, AMDRadeonX3000.kext and AMD5000Controller.kext with an "IOPCITunnelCompatible" Key on <true/> and very important (THAT WAS THE MISSING BRICK) .... I've had to do a "touch /System/Library/Extensions" in order to rebuild the kext cache. Everything is working fine. 6 Monitors, each running smoothly, playing HD videos fluently.
  5. you can try this kext for your NIC. -> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286937-realtekr1000-v3/
  6. Here is what worked for me since I did not want to delete files but backup them https://blog.pcloud.com/fix-startup-disk-full-mac/ Hope it helps
  7. I've already made a rig out of the Asus H81M-D plus board with 8gb of ram accompanied by the intel G3258 chip. I'm not using any DSDT nor SSDT and the only thing I have issues with is sleep. Computer wakes right back up as soon as it goes to sleep. Will your SSDT fix that issue for me?
  8. ken jou pls keep updaten voor osx serra ????
  9. Hello, I've successfully found my Realtek card kext (I'm using, Mieze's RTL8111) and everything seems fine on "System Information", but still it says the cable is unplugged on the network tab. Configs FX-6300 @ 4.12 Ghz 8GB 933 Mhz (1866) HD 7870 GA970A-DS3P (Rev 2.0) (RTL8111C)
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  11. Audio codec is ALC3234, I know its the same as ALC255. I tried everything , installed patched AppleHDA kext with HDAENABLER13 and CodecCommander but no audio. Anyone can help me?
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  13. Hi, I'm trying to get an egpu setup running and I've already tried with the BEAST v8.4d EXP GDC but that turned out to be too slow. Soon I realized: ExpressCard is my bottle neck. So I had to come to the following setup: 6 x Dell U2417H Monitor (DP-input, Mini-DP-input, HDMI-input) Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Box Gigabyte ATI HD5870 Eyefinity x6 with 6x MiniDP-output 600W-PSU Mac Mini late 2014 With the Akitio, I had to take out the board in order to fit the card into the slot. The Card is being recognized by El Capitan immediately, the 6 monitors are showing a picutre, I can arrange the monitors. All fine. Not. Because: The speed is not fine. Even with simple operations like moving around a window, it's slow as hell. It seems that there is no acceleration active. How can I find out which is the missing brick to the full solution? Is the Akitio Box the bottle neck and the whole thing is condemned to not work? Or do I have to check the drivers under Macos? Where can I look next? I've already looked to see whether the relevant kexts are loaded, maybe this helps you providing me with the right hint. bash-3.2# kextstat |grep AMD 138 2 0xffffff7f82d84000 0x125000 0x125000 com.apple.kext.AMDSupport (1.4.2) FF769178-12FD-3CB4-BBD7-B2FA5A99C45C <88 86 12 11 7 5 4 3 1> 139 0 0xffffff7f82ea9000 0x5f1000 0x5f1000 com.apple.kext.AMD5000Controller (1.4.2) 1CE0058A-3411-3A16-9CEB-410D96963BC2 <138 86 12 11 5 4 3 1> 147 0 0xffffff7f834fa000 0x22000 0x22000 com.apple.kext.AMDFramebuffer (1.4.2) 8BC41ECB-68F3-3579-9D12-5D03AA7BBEA0 <138 86 12 11 7 5 4 3 1> bash-3.2# find /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* -type f -exec grep -H 0x68981002 {} \; /System/Library/Extensions/AMD5000Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist: <string>0x68981002 0x68991002 0x68E01002 0x68E11002 0x68D81002 0x68C01002 0x68C11002 0x68D91002 0x68B81002 0x68B01002 0x68B11002 0x68A01002 0x68A11002 </string> /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX3000.kext/Contents/Info.plist: <string>0x68981002 0x68991002</string> Maybe a screenshot of the Graphics Adapter in the system information helps you / see uploaded image. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards
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  15. Hey guys! Running into some problems with my x99 build and hoping someone can help:) I've been following a mix of x99 guides (found both here and {censored}) to no success thus far. The furthest I have gotten is a hang up on AMFILoad after [ PCI Configuration Begin ] as seen below Obviously the first error is that it hangs on AMFILoad. I haven't had much luck in finding out what I need to change/fix to get past this. The other error is "Unsynchronized TSC for CPU" (also seen in that screenshot). That one seems more likely to be an issue with the VoodooTSCSync kext but I'm not quite sure why as I have literally just used someone else's (successful) voodoo kext who modified it for the i7 6950x (which is the processor I have) using @Brumbaer's patch (on insanely mac) where you simply change the IOCPUNumber to 19 (10 cores, 20 threads, subtract 1 from 20 to get the 19) in the kext. I also have a successful Windows 10 boot on a different SSD so I extracted the DSDT.bin and SSDT.bin with RW Everything, converted them to DSDT.aml and SSDT.aml and placed them in the EFI>CLOVER>ACPI>patched folder. Currently, I'm also running it with 1 single 16 GB stick of RAM (and not the full 96 GB of RAM). Additionally, I have tried various usb sticks and usb ports with no additional success. Any and all help would be much appreciated on this issue as I'm pretty much totally stuck Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide or upload, etc.
  16. Gigabyte Z270N-WiFi - does it work as an hackintosh? if yes, how? Thanks
  17. It is possible.
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  19. Hey, i got a Toshiba Satellite L750-1RV Laptop and want to ask if it´s possible to run Mac OS X on this Laptop. Specs: http://www.toshiba.de/discontinued-products/satellite-l750-1rv/ Thanks
  20. Try here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors/postdownload?source=dlp
  21. GeForce 9400GT works OOB. Forget that distro and make a full vanilla installation with Clover or Enoch. If you still need support, start by providing your system's specs.
  22. kext for RTL8187 (Alfa AWUS036H) for Sierra ???
  23. Bonjour et pardonner mon absence. voila j'aimerais installer "El Capitan" sur un pc avec une carte mère : "Asus P8Z68 - V pro gen 3" (bios version 3202). j'aimerais donc avoir des conseil sur la solution possible et que dois-je télécharger pour arriver à mes fins ? merci par avance çà toutes et tous bien à vous...
  24. non. mais merci de ta réponse. mais j'ai un soucis le pc ou j'ai installer lion plante dès que j'ai deux navigateurs d'ouvert il ce ferme. sur ma prochaine installe j'essaierais ce que tu ma conseiller ici. à bientôt...
  25. Congrats on the successful install! I haven't seen many touchscreen Hackintoshes, let alone successful ones. Can you expand more on your boot problem? * Are you booting in legacy or UEFI? * If the latter, is Secure Boot / Fast Boot disabled? * Have you tried toggling CSM, if you have the option? * Is your config the same on the ESP as whatever you're booting from? * What drivers do you have installed in drivers64uefi? Are some of the things not included with your original post.
  26. EIST is now handled by KernelPM and -xcpm_ipi so it's safe to be disabled in the BIOS, you may want to consider disabling HyperThreading too especially with Sierra. If you are using El-Cap then you will probably find VooDooTSCSync and the kext given here will help with getting full SpeedStep and Power Management enabled. Martin HackPlatformPlugin.kext.zip
  27. Aqui tudo tranquilo, André.
  28. Yeah, System boots now with -xcpm_ipi, AsusAICPUPM and KernelPm and without NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and disabled EIST. With enabled EIST it wont boot. But my Multi CPU Geekbench went down to 20k but Single Core increased HWMonitor tells me 3,07GHz on CPU load and activity monitor has 48 threats. I generated a new DSDT, but with the same result Thanks again. Edit: I dont know what I did, but Turbo is gone again. Do I need AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext? But now the System starts with EIST enabled/disabled. It doesnt matter...
  29. If you're using clover then it should boot using the Asus fix and ticking KernelPM in the kernel patches section. You can also boot using -xcpm_ipi as a boot flag. Martin
  30. Hey Martin. Sorry for my late reply and thanks a lot for your help. I managed to install Sierra now. I use the following kext files (link in this guide https://www.tony***x86.com/threads/giacomoleopardos-x79-mostro.200083/) FakeSMC.kext AppleIntelE1000e.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext VoodooTSCSync.kext I created a custom SSDT using ssdtPRGen.sh script after some modification (E5-2696V2 is not in his list). Used the setup from E5-2697V2 with custom clockspeed etc. Should work..? But I think Turbo does not work at all (Geekbench around 26k). I think because of NullCPUPowerManagement.kext? But without I will have KP on boot. I saw you did not use this kext with a similar setup. Angain, thanks you so much!
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