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Dual DVI Saphire 6850 /w 2 DVI - 1 DP - 1 HDMI 1.0

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About This File

I have attached a modified ATI6000 driver to work with the 4 port Saphire 6850 so that you can run 2 monitors off of the 2 DVI ports.

Despite having only 4 ports setting AtiPorts to 5 is required for the Gibba profile to work. This modification only changes how the Gibba profile is loaded -- do not bother with this if you require Duckweed or any other profile found in the standard ATI driver.

Install with KB{censored} and add the following to your org.chameleon.Boot.plist:


User Feedback

Thank you, will try it.

Until now I use a passive DP-->DVI-Adapter to get the second monitor working. Because of the passive adapter it sometimes shows no screen and I have to turn off/on that monitor to get the screen back.

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Sorry, but does not work...

Only one monitor is recognized (on the "upper" DVI-port).

Strange, I made all changes to the o.c.B.p. and my sapphire 6850 seems to be the same as yours.

Nevertheless, thanks for your work.

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