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Boot usb OS X 10.8 (Clover-v2-rL1050).pkg 1.0

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About This File

????I've created an installer which is called Boot usb OS X 10.8 (Clover-v2-rL1050).pkg. This installer main goal is to ease the way for people using the bootloader Clover.;)

. I've put some screen capture to show you the installer:

The last image capture is the procedures installer is completed on the USB.:encouragement::D

PS: for those you have the installer from the mac App Store: just right clic on the Installer OS X Mountain Lion / show packages contents/ open contents / open SharedSupport / and open Installesd.dmg.

like this picture


thats it and now ran the installer :encouragement:;);):D

try this guys and give me your results. GOOD Hack:victorious:






User Feedback

Help needed please...

Have followed this method, but when i boot mountain Lion I just get the grey Apple logo with the constant spinning beach ball. How do I troubleshoot this? as Im not getting onto the installer page :confused:

Kind regards

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