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kernel for lapic native 10.11.x

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About This File














pb = public beta

db = developer beta


Update db4 and after to use -f loading kexts as Clover r3258.

PS: Lapic and Lapic+haswell kernal both test ok.


How to:

Used for Chameleon.

Put it to be /System/Library/Kernels/kernel


patched by crazybirdy


Credits to donovan6000, sherlocks, rehabman and Clover team.



Haswell XCPM kernel credits to RehabMan



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For my Haswell system, I patch 10.11 kernels as per Yosemite's using Rehabman's published findings (in the link you posted) and it works fine. Assuming you've done the same, it'll be Ok.

Thanks for feedback, yes, it's the same patch from Rehabman.

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Hey CrazyBirdy could you please put 10.11.3 online?

Unfortunately I deleted my kernel and now I have none. So I can't patch it myself. 

So a lapic kernel for the latest el capitan version 10.11.3 (Release) would be great.


Thank you for your work so much!! :)

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