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Help installing Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire windows 7 dual boot


Please Help me. I installed Snow Leopard (iAtkos S3 v2) on my Acer Aspire, everything goes perfect, after install sucsessyfull, Restart computer (laptop) and it stuck on apple Logo, when i try to boot with iB{censored}, using -v or -x or something else, it stuck on darwin kernel version 10.8.0, or if i dont use iB{censored}, it stop at Starting darwin x86_64? Please help me, I try install on other my computer (Hp pavilion Intel Core i3 550 3.20 Ghz 3.20 Ghz desktop) it stuck in apple logo too. Maybe I have selected unsupported drivers installing Snow Leopard? help please. THANKS

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2 answers to this question

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By design, SL 10.6.X is way too old to run with anything newer than Sandy Bridge cpus.

AFAIK Intel HD3000 drivers were introduced with Lion 10.7, SL is not even aware of it. :(

IIRC, even Sandy Bridge needed a patched kernel. That in mind, you may try Nawcom´s Mod CD or USB and a retail SL DVD.

Nawcoms Mod has an option to install a patched kernel for unsupported cpus.

The newer your hardware, the less likely SL will work. SL Server in VMWare may be a solution if you need 10.6 on recent hardware.

For a hassle free install of SL choose any old Core2Duo or even DualCore, Intel 945GM chipset or better and a supported GPU.

A Lenovo T60 (intel iGPU only) or something similar will be a perfect match for example.

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