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[SUCCESS] Dell N7110 i3 macOS Sierra 10.12.2

Dear friends, after a lot of troubles, I did it. I managed to install fully functional Sierra on this notebook.


Will upload all required files very soon, as soon as I get some free time.


It is clover on UEFI kind of installation. First of all I had to flash BIOS with moded version. I did this at least 10 times without any problem, so for me BIOS flashing is not risky at all. Only thing to do in BIOS is to enable UEFI booting.

OFC If you do some damage to your notebook it is your fault only.




Still working on everything to work and once i am done, in next few days, I will post step by step guide. So far I only have MIC not working and I have to disable nVidia in DSDT and SSDT ( it will take some time for sure )


For a start I wil insert drivers folder which you have to put in Kext folder in EFI partition.


For bluetooth to work after sleep and cold boot you can do this from http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2925-bluetooth-firmware-uploader/


For Clover, add this to kext patches instead:

Name: IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport
Find: 0F850701
Replace: 0F840701
Comment: Fix Bluetooth 30 seconds delay patch

With credits to TimeWalker for the patch idea.


and bluetoothfirmwareuploader has to be installed in S/L/E followed by sudo touch System/Library/Extensions.


Regarding Ethernet, there is pkg driver which works excellent on 10.2.2, but only with 10 Mbit full duplex - you must set this parameters manually from advanced settings in network prefpane.



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