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Cant detect internal sata hard drive or partition


I am attempting to install Sierra on a Dell XPs Studio 8100 with a I7 intel processor. I am attempting to install it on a partitioned drive. On partition 2 I have successfully installed snow Leopard with all the updates and would like to install Sierra on the first partition of the same drive. My drive is set to Raid as the only option is bios is Sata, which dont work with Snow Leopard


My problem is  Clover 3566 sees the Snow leopard selection as disk 2 but if selected it goes to the Apple grey screen the shows the O with a line through it.  If I selected the other option of the Sierra usb install ( built with U{censored}) it will go the the Apple screen were I can selected the disk utility but only shows the usb drive, no hard drives


At this point I am not sure if its a clover problem. Apple problem or a newbie playing were he shouldn't

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