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  1. @ace1, thanks ace, but ... I already use efi code im boot.plist, 10.7.3 the flash was alright, youtube working, but after 10.7.4 update, the flash movies broke. ANd if I force to see it, kernel panic.
  2. well, another problem happening here. Flash movies cant play on browsers. When I try, blank screen on swf area, and kernel panic .I use nvenabler on 9800gt. If someone know how to fix.... Thanks!
  3. @ace1 , thanks for the reply, the appleatiata.kext not worked for me, cause my chipset is nvidia, nforceata. But i discover the problem and solved. If someone have the same problem , the solution is replace the 10.7.4 IOStorageFamily.kext , from the preview 10.7.3 IOStorageFamily.kext, and of course repair permission. Im using 10.7.4 right now!
  4. i updated to 10.7.4 , but now I get the message still waiting for root device, something wrong with my nforce ata...
  5. someone know a way, to shutdown, and boot alright without need a hard shutdown? maybe cleaning some caches....
  6. maybe someone can help me.... When i start lion from the first time it boot alright, but if I restart, the system is frozon on message of apple ata, and dont boot. But if I press reset... again, the system will boot. I use nforceata kext, someone knows about this issue?
  7. @pmsrpc , exatamente, voce instala normal em um intel compativel. Da? voce vai criar uma imagem de disco, e depois restaura-la no seu pc amd. E depois de restaurada, substituir o kernel e os kexts necessarios. Deu muito trabalho , porque instalei com imagem normal do lion e ainda por cima meu intel era core2duo, foi osso at? mesmo pra instalar no note intel, mas agora rolou. Unico problema , no AMD, t? rolando esse pau no xpchelper, que acho que ? coisa do finder-spotlight. Mas creio que em breve eles postem um kernel melhor. Mas impressionante, tirando esse erro, o lion t? muito melhor que o snow 10.6.8 .
  8. @pmsrpc , cara , eu fiz assim, eu instalei o lion em um notebook intel, criei uma imagem usando o disk utility , restaurei essa imagem no AMD, e coloquei as kexts (as mesmas que usava no snow leopard) na pasta extensions. Funciona, mas tem umas coisas, acho que est? relacionada com o uso do spotlight e finder, pois chega uma hora que d? errro xpchelper, ao usar o finder, eu reparei isso. Claro q isso acontece no meu cpu 939 fx60, n?o sei se em todos.
  9. @alaskan , arch=i386 and -force64 , together? really?
  10. xpchelper me too.

    your not alone

    9650 phenom

  11. is just me, or someone more is having the trouble with xpchelper process taking 70% of cpu perfomance? My cpu is a 939 FX60. Very old, but was the best someday! LOL!
  12. everyone knows how to fix error launchd xpchelper? if u look in console, this error will take almost 70% of your cpu performance.
  13. not worked for me, but i dont know, I changed the kexts iopci e apleacpi... so , maybe is that the reason the boot not working, after a while , blank screen.....
  14. spothlight problems on AMD 64 bits. I patch with cpuid , but works only on 32 bits. Any idea?