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  1. 1st of all windows and macos not same types.. has many diff's You can check ur corrent open ports for gpu using DCPImanger.. check u have all the ports there. as for not working ,webdriver should work and stop using MB craps. Post ur system info and change ur bootloader to clover for better support
  2. 6200 is 32bit card imo ,if so its not gong to work. better change something more supported
  3. Yosemite bugs when waking from sleep

    Most probably its intel speed step and GPu FB issue .. u better disable sleep/hibernate for now. also check sleep log wake reasons
  4. Missing HDMI Audio device

    there are some patch u can use ..but mostly its better to use dsdt patch and right codec patch
  5. Cloning from hdd to ssd

    use this ... http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx
  6. 650ti use nvidia webdriver u can boot osx using nv_disable=1
  7. lenovo g 50 clover not see hard disk

    This is not related to clover.sometime i caused by bad bios/wrong settings check ur bios for AHCI ,legacy or UEFI if legacy then make installer for it and for UEFI ..uefi its better to have UEFI for osx
  8. EDUP EP AC1605

    kexts are in system/library/extensions or /library/extensions Check ur apps folder they might have uninstaller
  9. Pls post ur system info try using rehubmans fakecpuid kext or u can just dsdt patch
  10. Possible Clover issue

    1st of all VM and real macs dont use fakesmc. but im not sure its an issue or not.it might be smbios issue can u post system logs so we can check more. post darwin dumper reports
  11. Clover configurator problem, Sierra

    Well u might dont have smbios settings before in config.plist.Also clover can choose it for u. But if u want to use same smbios as now ..then edit settings in config plist.you can dump ur all settings using darwin dumper
  12. screen suddenly black

    if u dont this prob any more ..disable hibernate
  13. Error upon installing Yosemite

    Use USB2.0 .this looks like pre made installer.make a custom installer,dont use CIM and use proper kernel.
  14. Cant connect to other Mac

    You have to look at the network settings or just reset u network driver
  15. Cant connect to other Mac

    Looks likes ip conflict to me but this issue is network related ..so no idea right now .Need to look at it .network sharing maybe broken on this system.