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  1. Update to Beta 2 without a hitch:
  2. Updated from AppStore without a problem. Thanks Fantomas!
  3. Well you should try it and tell us is it working or not.
  4. Hey randr. Welcome to osx86.net! Can you post a link to that download? Thanks!
  5. Thank you man!
  6. Damn, there must be way to enable those USB ports!
  7. Maybe you could try FixUSB_1000 in Clover?
  8. Ah ok, I didn't unsderstand that! Sorry! You could try Inject USB in Clover?
  9. Did you use my tutorial after all or did you use USB method? As far as I know, there is some kind of issue with USB install, it takes ages for install to complete, and often it get interrupted with some error. So I recommend to use my method, installing with Core.pkg to some spare partition or SSD or HDD and using boot.efi from BaseSystem.dmg. Also can you post a pic where exactly it got stuck? Thanks!
  10. No problem man!
  11. AppleALC.kext + Lilu.kext and -lilubeta -alcbeta as boot args should do it
  12. No problem man! Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Hey imtinan95! Welcome to osx86.net! You can try these kexts:
  14. Thanks for the feedback man!
  15. Hey Gils83! Nice to see you! Did you replace boot.efi to System/Library/CoreServices/ ? Without it it will not boot.