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  1. We’ll show you how to list every single terminal command available on a Mac, as well as how to get an explanation and details on each specific command that is shown. How to Show Every Terminal Command Available in Mac OS This trick will reveal every single possible terminal command available to Mac OS and Mac OS X. It works in all versions of Mac OS X system software as long as you are using the bash shell, which is the default in all modern releases. Open the Terminal app found in /Applications/Utilities/ At a fresh bash prompt, hit the Escape key twice You will see a message stating “Display all 1460 possibilities? (y or n)” type “y” key to start showing every command available Hit the Return key to scroll through the huge list of commands available Hit the “Delete” or backspace key to escape the command listing when finished You’ll see a truly exhaustive list of commands available, some of which may be familiar to advanced users and many commands which even pro users likely have never seen or used before. Of course you’re now probably wondering what each command might do, or how to investigate what the shown commands do. That’s easy as well. Getting Info & Explanation for Each Terminal Command You can easily retrieve information and an explanation on any of the shown commands by using the handy open man page trick, which will launch a manual for the chosen command into a new terminal window. Here’s how it works in the context of the all inclusive commands list on Mac OS: Right-click on any command listed you wish to investigate and explain further Choose “Open man page” The manual page for the selected command will open in a new terminal window to explain the command You can also use the Terminal app “Help” menu to quickly launch manual pages by searching for a specific command there. Additionally, if you want to find related commands or related instructions, you can use this trick to search manual pages for matches containing a specific keyword or command. The command line has literally thousands of commands available to use, if you’re interested in learning about specific terminal tricks be sure to read through out command line posts. from: http://osxdaily.com/2017/02/06/list-all-terminal-commands-mac/
  2. hi.. updated on a GA-z87x.. seem work ok... c.frio
  3. ola.. como nao havia ainda..(eu não achei) um tópico do 10.12.3 que ja esta na terceira beta... feito update para nova beta build (16D25a) na ga z87x,gt210..parece OK.. c.frio
  4. c.frio
  5. hi.. yes it will run Sierra.. you will need to do some tricks to put the rx480 to work ..there are some talk about the rx480 around.. seem it is not full compatible 'till now..sierra 10.12.2 c.frio
  6. But what if you want to move your Picture-in-Picture window somewhere else on the Mac screen? You can do that by holding down a keyboard key while attempting to move the window around. To locate the PiP window anywhere on the Mac display, simply hold down the Command key while dragging the Picture-in-Picture video player window elsewhere on the screen. As long as you are holding the Command key you can locate the PiP video window anywhere. To try this out yourself, open a Picture-in-Picture video playing as usual and then hold down the Command key as you drag and locate the PiP window where ever you’d like it to be. This should come in handy anytime you’re watching a PiP video on the Mac but the video player is blocking an interface component or some important data on the screen. from: http://osxdaily.com/2016/12/19/move-picture-picture-video-window-anywhere-mac/
  7. salut... installation de la build 16D17a sur ga z87x ud3h,i5 gt210..ok c.frio
  8. ola... feito o update do 10.12.2 em Ga z87x, i5 ,gt210.. para a 10.12.3 beta 1 public..parece ok c.frio
  9. alo... actualisé GA -z87x ud3h,i5,gt210....ok macOS Sierra 10.12.2 (16C67) c.frio
  10. alo nouvelle bêta 6 Ga-z87x ud3h..i5.gt210... ok MSI z170A, i5,gt210...ok c.frio
  11. alo nouvelle bêta 5 Ga-z87x ud3h..i5.gt210... ok GA-H61,i3,gt210.. ok MSI z170a pc mate ,i5,gt210.. ok edit: on a As Rock z97 pro4,i5,gt210..too the right video card is the key.. I will try the rx 460 after 10.12.2 final release.. c.frio
  12. ola.. beta 4 parecendo ok.. feito na Ga-z87x ud3h..i5.gt210... parece ok Feito na msi z170a, i5,gt210..parece ok Feito na GA-H61,i3,gt210..parece ok feito na As Rock z97 pro4, i5, gt210..parece ok c.frio estou esperando a final para ver se uso a rx460...
  13. ola... pelo que andei vendo..ainda não... mas aguarde outras opiniões talvez mais atualizadas as I know, no support 'till now.. but wait for more updated information..from other colleague c.frio
  14. To get the excellent Siri Speak Screen ability working on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to enable a little appreciated accessibility feature called speak screen, and then it’s just a matter of initiating the proper request with Siri. How to Have Siri Read Screen Text to You on iPhone, iPad First we’ll enable the Speak Screen feature and then use Siri to access it in iOS, here’s how it works: Open the ‘Settings’ app and go to ‘General’ and then to “Accessibility” Go to “Speech” and flip the switch for “Speak Screen” to the ON position Exit Settings Now from just about any screen in iOS, whether settings, a webpage, messages, email, summon Siri and say “Speak Screen” to have Siri read the screen and all screen contents to you Use the onscreen controls to stop reading or adjust the reading speed, section, or stop (or ask Siri to stop reading) For a practical example of how this can work, let’s imagine you have found a great article on the web and you’d like it read to you aloud. All you need to do is load up the web page in Safari (or another browser of iOS) and then summon Siri and say “Speak Screen” and Siri will start reading the text of the article to you. Using the onscreen controls you can skip slow down Siri speech, skip backwards to a section to have it re-read, pause the speech, skip forward a section you don’t want read, or speed up the Siri voice reading. This trick pairs really well with either the iPad or iPhone if you have the volume turned up enough to hear the reading out of the built-in speakers, but it also works wonderfully with headphones or speakers. Using this trick you could have Siri read you an article, an email, a web page, anything on screen, while you commute, or are out and about, or even just laying around. You can even use this trick with the Hey Siri voice activation feature, making it one of the better accessibility features available in iOS. Have any other screen speaking tips or ideas for how to use this great tip? Let us know in the comments. from:http://osxdaily.com/2016/10/31/have-siri-read-screen-ios/
  15. ola... 10.12.1 final instalado na GA z87x com gt210.. ..ok..sem problemas..vindo desde a atualização..10.12.1 beta.4..5.. ate a final via Apple Store EDIT: tb na MSI z170 ,gt210 tb na GA H61m-s1, i3 edit add.. hi.. updated (16C48b) na MSI z170a, i5, gt210.. aparentemente sem problemas updated (16C48b) na GA z87x ud3h, i5, gt210.. aparentemente sem problemas c.frio