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  1. CPU does matter - If you have an unsupported CPU you will have to use a FakeCPUID. Martin
  2. Yes it can be done but I don't know how ... DMos here is the guy for AMD hackintosh builds but he's not around as much these days because of other commitments. If you have time to wait, then I am sure he will chip in when he gets time. If not try http://amd-osx.com they have a forum there that will get you started. Martin
  3. The Z9 should work as a Mac Pro 6,1 SMBios but you will need to find a proper Serial Number - Serials that start with CO can be problematic. 128Gb RAM is good for the Mac Pro 6,1 too The DSDT might need editing to get the full 24/48 cores/threads to work, if I remember rightly you will get AppleACPI errors on boot if it's needed El-Cap used to support the -xcpm_ipi too and you can get proper speed step support with Yosemite and El-Cap Yosemite gives you better chance of getting Nvidia working without black screen issues if the GFX card is installed to PCIe Slot 5 El-Cap required the SSDT2 file if I remember rightly too. Martin
  4. If you have the same CPU's and graphics card as I was using then, the replacing of the EFI might work. I had a power failure which corrupted my Z9 just as Sierra was made public beta and just as I got the newer Z10 system built. The public beta did not work on the Z9 but did on the Z10. Whether this was down to the new Sierra security settings was never ascertained as I gave the Z9 to my bro as an early Christmas present and proceeded with the Z10 build. However after saying this, I am not sure how things will work out for you using anything other than Clover and Apples create media ran on another hack or a Mac with an App Store acquired Sierra image Martin
  5. I would start with google and search for 'Asus k55vd hackintosh success' and find a guide that you can follow Martin
  6. If you are using Nvidia graphics card ... Try adding 'agdp=Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86' to your boot arguments and see if that helps. If that doesn't work you might need to run AGPFix If you are using AMD/ATi then I can't help :/ Martin
  7. I searched YT with 'https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tp-link+archer+t9e+ac1900+hackintosh' and there are several matches, maybe one will get you up n running. The card is as you said supposed to be Apple friendly and work out the box. I suspect it might have to do with whatever network device number has been assigned to it such as en2 instead of en0 or something similar. I know Sierra has got stricter with WiFi because they are using it as a method to detect if you have a MacPro 3,1 in order to prevent you installing macOS Sierra. Martin
  8. I noticed that very same kext being mentioned as a possible fix in the link I provided too. I provided the link not as a how to install, but to follow the fixes that the poster has tried and used to get things working. It's great to know you have it up n running again and well done for remembering you took notes from when you first installed things, there's a lesson right there for anyone reading this When you get chance could you please change your post title to [fixed] or [resolved] thanks - Have a great 2017 and enjoy your hack! Martin
  9. This might help, no promises as it's a different model but it seems very thorough Martin
  10. Those errors are telling you that the 'Dependency' files are either missing or they are incorrect versions or that they are not compatible in some other way. My personal experience with these kind of errors is to start from the last one reported, so in this case the voodoo ps2controller - If it's missing, add it, if it's there remove it and see if you can boot without it. If removing it don't let you boot, then seek help from RehabMan and replace it with whatever version/fix he supplies or recommends. Martin
  11. Here's to wishing you all a happy and spectacular 2017!! All the best Martin
  12. I have no idea with that screen, the only time I have seen a screen like that is with memtestx86 :/ Martin
  13. Try sudo spctl --master-disable Then try running Clover Installer again ... If it works or fails, you should re-enable system protection with ... sudo spctl --master-enable Martin
  14. Distro means it's a customised installer and comes with an unknown OS source image that is likely messed with too, so they're considered to be 'pirated' versions ... Well done on fixing your other issues WiFi I can't help with, you will need to find the exact name, model number and chipset it uses to find a suitable kext for it. The card reader would normally be connected to the USB bus, so again you may need specific details to find a kext for that. Is your headset 3.5mm jack plug or USB. If it's USB then it's looking as if your USB ports are not working/supported properly. If your on 3.5mm jack make sure that Voodoo is using the appropriate headphones socket through sound preferences and output devices. My system defaults to HDMI and I have headphone jacks front and back and more output devices listed too, so make sure to select the right one Martin
  15. Check batteries and make sure the keyboard and mouse are on Try booting with USB devices attached, if no luck, then disconnect them and reboot, then just add the keyboard and see if you can log in If your iMac is still under warranty contact Apple Support Martin