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  1. Boot with -v (verbose mode) and look when he is stuck.
  2. Hmmm. In two my PC-s, mountain lion works faster then windows 7! If i find any solution will tell you.
  3. I'm happy if i helped You , Finally You get what you want . Have a nice day. Ouu, I forget where are You from haha ?
  4. Google for it because I dont have worked with dsdt and did not know how! Im sorry but this dsdt is for your PC.
  5. In this web in downloads, videocards you will find your graphics driver, you can choose nVidia, ATI or Intel you know your drivers . Hackintosh DSDT P55A-UD3 rev1.0 with ATI HD6870 & Ethernet - Downloads - OSx86.net
  6. Download chameleon wizard, run it, navigate to org.chameleon.boot, and in right down select Graphics Mode 1366x768, click Save, and restart.
  7. Boot with -v, and look when stuck? Or boot with -v -x -f, it should boot. If you installed bootloader fix package to iatkos USB you now must to boot from USB not from rboot CD!!!! It will boot from usb.
  8. did you tried anything?
  9. But is full from first step to end and is most understandly
  10. Haha I said that is software problem not hardware, now format USB, run virtualbox and restore iatkos to usb using this toturial and install bootloader YouTube Now everything must to go fine.
  11. It's not hardware problem, it's software problem, and havent what to repair. But must find solution, google for bios stuck! In some forums i have read that when remove bios battery must leave about 7 minutes and after about 7 minutes back on battery.
  12. Yes but leav without battery for about 1 minute and unplug power cable During this time pull power button to empty power on motherboard, although is unpluget power cable.
  13. No you not destroyed nothing I have tried more then 50 times on my pc, if you can turn on anytime, enter to bios and reset bios settings, this is the best way to fix it. You should try a little because no PC which can not remove the bios battery
  14. Hey friend, did you solved boot0, if No, follow those steps, insert USB with iAtkos ML2, when you arrived to select boot disks, select SystemReserved or any other you now which is disk with windows installed, and hit enter, windows will boot narmally, when arrived to desktop go to disk menagment, select SystemReversed with right botton, and select make disk active. Pc will reset and everything with go normally.
  15. Dont worry, Remove power cable, open your PC and remove bios battery, pull power button, it wont turn ON because is unplugged power cable but do this to empty all energy on motherboard, after 15-20 seconds, plug power cable without bios battery. It will reset bios settings to default, after you turn on normally, you can now turn off again and plug battery bios. Or if You can enter to bios with F2 or F8, reset defaults bios and exit with from bios saving changes, pc will reset and torn on normally.