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  1. So, is there a way how to full enable? ok, in the tutor to patch framebuffer its need xcode, i dont have and wont download, can i patch without xcode installed?
  2. Ive been succes with my vga cable, but in adobe illustrator its very slow when i draging mouse to pick a color, now i edited agpm but isn't help. try with dvi-i converter cable, my screen is blank after success boot, i try fbname in clover for cardinal, motmot, radeon but not help, btw only motmot fb name worked for me when using vga cable, dvi-i not work. sorry for bad english.. i'm Indonesian.. thx reply..
  3. Finally! Its work perfect when I change boot pci room option to uefi oprom in bios. FIXED!
  4. can you give me tutor to enable hd 4870 ? my hd 4870 no signal at boot.
  5. now I've use dvi-i converter. but its still black screen w/o no signal. anyone here?
  6. Hey! Please help me fix this issue..
  7. Hey! Its been long time to make a post again here. I've installed yosemite on my i3 pc with gigabyte h61ma-d2v v2.1 but when i start yosemite from clover usb my screen is no signal. btw, i plugged my monitor using vga, i don't have dvi cable. can someone help?! thanks!!