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  1. Thanks a lot Martin, wish you too a Great Year ahead!!
  2. I fixed it. I remember after I installed OS X for the first time successfully, I wrote down all the steps I did as well I backup all the files, kexts etc that I used during installation. There was a step that I already forgot that installation of AppleACPIPlatform.kext solved my issue with not booting to normal mode.. So I just found the AppleACPIPlatform.kext file, installed and it works
  3. Thanks, but these are tutorials for installation new OS X if I understood correctly.. I have OS X already installed, worked normally for months, just need it to fix it to boot it normaly
  4. Thank you Martin for your reply. I deleted voodoo ps2 controller, didn't help, I installed new one, didn't help. I post on Rehabman's forum but it's difficult to get reply there. Actually I post on many forums. Except you no one replied yet.
  5. Hello, using hackintosh - Yosemite for months. I got all working except battery indicator. I followed some tutorial on youtube and downloaded battery kexts and installed. After that Hackintosh didn't boot, got some kernel panic, over the apple logo screen and coulnd't boot normaly neither in -x mode. Finally I boot when I used UseKernelCache=No -x. I deleted the battery kexts, restore the old ones.. Then I had no kernel panic on apple logo however it boots only in -x mode. In -v mode I got the message, see the image below.. Thank you in advance for any help