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  1. just update beta 3 10.12.6, clover works good, Pp works good. thanks Bronya and team clover .
  2. My first Stereolith - 2 JBL 2213H 35 years ! / 1 compression 1" (800 Hz at 18 Khz) - 1 DIY 135 L / bassreflex (35 Hz) - 2 Mic C2 Berhinger - mix Berhinger Xenyx 802 usb for mic - power DIY 2 TDA 7394v - hackintosh AMD Kabini 5350 - DAC C 202 Berhinger - soft Audacity file sound http://www.partage-fichiers.com/upload/pd5y795n
  3. Yes, but no works thanks
  4. Yes but no works for me (compaq 6000) old PC thanks
  5. No no, this is not the installation problem, these are just my usb ports that do not work The core installation method is perfect
  6. hello noname I get to the menu language without the usb but I can not untie the situation, if you have an idea thanks
  7. Ahahahaha !!! I understood that half the tutorial, "you have to copy boot.efi in system / library / coreservice" of macOS 10.13 !! The process is really super good !! That said, I have a problem "acpi error", the PC is an old compaq 6000 with a core2duo E7500 ahahahahah !!! I have only AMD PCs ahahaha !! It was story to test I will look at this problem ACPI, thank you anyway for your find !!
  8. Hello noname you are fine ? The installation worked well but the volume is not visible by clover What is the problem in your opinion? cordially
  9. Ah !!! You are the best noname !! It takes on Sierra 10.12 to do it, on Mavericks it does not work. many thanks
  10. Hello, Yes completely, some AMD motherboard with bios uefi Aptio as MSI AM1I socket for cpu kabini perfectly supports clove mode uefi or legacy, clover is only a bootloader like chameleon.
  11. update 10.12.5 is ok, no problem.
  12. yep ! salut, c'est quoi ton hardware avec CPU/GPU ? quel sont les kexts que tu as dans Clover ? cdt.
  13. Package, Many thanks at Bronya for kernel and boot http://www.partage-fichiers.com/upload/j35xh49q
  14. il faut que tu passes avec du AMD, c'est saveur tout les jours, Intel j'y viens de temps en temps mais bof, dommage que tu n'étais pas là quand on a partagé avec Bronya ce kernel miracle pour Ryzen !! tu pètes un boulon quand tu vois ton PC démarrer sur OS X comme un tout petit gamin j'essais de trouver un mode d'installation à partir de Windows mais plus propre que de passer par une distro
  15. c'est une affaire qui roule