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  1. Thanks.. I will fix in the next update....
  3. Follow the link in description
  4. nothing seems to work!!
  5. For some reason I can't upload my revision 4.22.7. Follow the link:?http://mackie100.webwacemaster.altervista.org/
  6. When I try to upload zip or screenshot returns "This upload failed".? Please fix that. Thank you!
  7. wrong file error at line 233.?http://pastebin.com/i3JA3LwX <--- correction
  8. Download the standard Version!!! You have Yosemite Version, only For 10.10....
  9. yes because you have set true in CSTATES and PSTATES keys, if you set CSTATES > TRUE and PSTATES > FALSE, generate key becomes a dictionary.
  10. No. Generate key may be boolean or dictionary value.
  11. No i'm sorry. There are library issues...
  12. Yes you're right, thank For the repo!!!
  13. Probably an error in config.plist. Please send me Your config.plist!! Thank you!