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    Thanks to everyone who has donated, all donations go right back into making the site better!


    We used this to buy a better donation plugin so we will be able to set up donator rewards,  goals for new features and even premium support for that tosh that won't hack :)

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  • OSX86dotNET-Linux4macOS

    • Check out the new tool from @kyndder OSX86dotNET-Linux4macOS -  It is a script to be used in Linux with the following capabilities:


    It is a script to be used in Linux with the following capabilities:

    • Create a macOS installer
    • Install Clover Bootloader to disk for UEFI and Legacy boot
    • Download and install Basic set of kexts
    • Install hfsprogs to access HFS and HFS+ formatted partitions
    • Compile and Install APFS-Fuse to access APFS formatted partitions
    • Mount APFS formatted partitions
    • Extract and decompile ACPI Tables
    • Make complete system dump including Full Audio Codec dump and EDID


    The script was made to be simple, meaning that the user doesn't need to have any advanced knowledge of Linux in order to use it...


    It also was made to be compatible with the most used Linux Distros so, in others words, the script will automate all needed tasks for you..




    Thanks to @kyndder for all his hard work on this - check out the full post below.





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