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    How to Enable Dynamic Desktops in MacOS Mojave


    Dynamic Desktops requires MacOS Mojave 10.14 or later, earlier versions of MacOS system software do not contain the feature (though all prior versions of Mac OS X do have an ability to automatically change desktop wallpaper at a determined time interval, we’ll briefly discuss that further below).

    How to Use Dynamic Desktops on Mac

    1. Go to the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
    2. Select the “Desktop & Screen Saver” preference panel, then choose the “Desktop” tab
    3. Near the top of the desktop wallpaper images, look for “Dynamic Desktop” and choose an available dynamic desktop picture as the wallpaper
    4. Optionally, adjust whether to show the Dynamic Desktop as a Dynamic image (meaning it changes throughout the day as the feature intends), or if wallpaper shows as a still image (Light or Dark)
    5. Close System Preferences when finished



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