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  4. Installed high sierra 10.13.6. If anyone interested, there is topic on applelife.ru (with EFI folder). All works. Kernel takes about 500 mb.
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  6. fantomas

    Versions bêta : macOS 10.14.1

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 beta 4 (18B67a)
  7. Hi @KemalALKIN https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xuyN6IG7VghQCeTmlf1f8-MUcSjmJCe_
  8. Bonjour, est-ce possible d'avoir le lien? merci.
  9. Pleace, help me find kext for, RTL8101E/RTL8102E !
  10. nemois

    GA-Z77X-UP4 TH Uefi

    Here is a latest Bios for this MOBO, you can install mojave with Clover. https://drive.google.com/open?id=12RDQ4dlyk1KoPs4ZCLa9JJBtC8YXjRTH Really easy to install the only thing that i don't have patched yet it's the VIA 800 USB3 ports, somebody can help me o teach me?
  11. gigszer

    ATHEROS AR9285 / AR5B95 Sierra 10.12.5 Kext

    Wifi works, bluetooth doesn't on Mojave 10.14. Thanks for the kext! For me it worked only if i installed with kext utility, clover couldn't inject it. Also I used this for Sierra and needed to reinstall after each update. (Lenovo G500 by the way )
  12. Can anyone post here the link on wifi card AR9285, that 100% works with bluetooth? Would this work?
  13. Missed AptioMemoryFix-64.efi in /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64uefi/ But stoped on bluetooth error. Is there the way to install the system without bluetooth? I bought wifi card AR9285 without bluetooth. Error arises with native wifi card and the AR9285 (without bluetooth). Can anyone help? AptioMemoryFix-64.efi
  14. kyndder

    AMD 7500/7600m Hackintosh High Sierra

    Hello! For WiFi, try using this method > https://github.com/toleda/wireless_half-mini About the GPU, take a look here > https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/303044-enable-qeci-from-ati-radeon-hd-7500m-7600m-series/
  15. Updated bios to the last version. The same situation. Bios photos in attachment or here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12jRWjQBuiJa2qx7aXx4IglgM2klviSHB?usp=sharing Can anyone help me what's wrong?
  16. Hi guys .. I installed Hackintosh High Sierra on my Sony Vaio SVE 15118FA with following Specs: - Intel Core i7-3612MQ. - AMD 7500m/7600m Series 2GB - 8 DDR3 GB Ram. - 1TB HDD. - BIOS: Insyde H2O - Wifi : AR9285 Atheros. after the process is finished.. I can't install the AMD and my Wifi.. and I can't find anything to do that.. the Hackintosh is running great on my device but I need the AMD and the WIFI because of my work... so any hope to get them work on my device? and thanks in advance
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  18. Here you go most detail informations to fix them https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/310028-guide-how-to-fix-imessage-using-clover-2015/
  19. Read the full guide over at OSXDaily : http://osxdaily.com/2018/10/10/how-reinstall-macos-mojave/ This walkthrough will show you the easiest way to reinstall macOS Mojave from a Mac that already has macOS Mojave on it by using Recovery Mode. Note that reinstalling macOS Mojave with this approach is not the same thing as performing a clean install. A clean install of Mojave erases literally everything on the computer, including personal data, by using a bootable Mojave installer drive, while reinstalling aims to simply reinstall only the macOS operating system itself. Be sure to backup your Mac first, it’s easy to back up with Time Machine. While reinstalling macOS Mojave system software only aims to only replace the system software portion of a computer, it’s possible that something could go wrong resulting in data loss. Therefore you absolutely Backup the Mac before going any further, do not skip making a full backup
  20. turbo.rigar

    Universal UVC webcamdriver

    well done
  21. I have installed the os as per guid and updated to10.7.3. All stuff working except not able to log in to iCloud services. Can you please help. The fix given for iCloud seems not working. When I try to login to my iCloud I get an error this is a valid Apple ID but not an iCloud account. And I am using the same credentials on my iPhone.
  22. remembrance

    Realtek RTL8139

    Works for 10.12! awesome!
  23. Dmos

    ASUS VIVOBOOK X202E Yosemite Final Settings

    Seems you have bios settings issue ,so do proper settings and use -f as boot flag. also better open a topic in forum
  24. Created usb install by the Apple instruction (with terminal in Mac OS) and copied EFI folder from this topic to EFI of USB. Trying to install, but stoped on this screen: Can anyone help?
  25. In 5 minutes you get your sound on Hackintosh up and running. 100% working Vanilla, Easy & Fast Solution. Works with all systems and codecs. Hackintosh sound fix most easiest way. Supported Codecs: https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs
  26. fantomas

    Versions bêta : macOS 10.14.1

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 beta 3 (18B57c)
  27. Dmos

    Dell inspiron 5520 DSDT & SSDT

    Make a topic in forum about use issue and post some pic of error
  28. lo_goshz

    ATHEROS AR9285 / AR5B95 Sierra 10.12.5 Kext

    Thank for the kexts. Wifi working well on High sierra 10.13.3. But bluetooth seem that not working. Do anyone get bluetooth worked?
  29. Hi, Your PC is compatible with mac osx. And NVIDIA card should not be an issue, so just make a osx installer and try install here some help https://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/21475-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/ https://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/24601-how-to-create-a-bootable-installer-for-macos/ https://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/23878-how-to-install-osx-on-vmware-workstation-proplayer-for-windows-host/ If need more help ? just keep asking :)
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