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  4. beta 3, IntelHD3000, 100%, na medida do possível, André.
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  6. Bom, retirei meu note CCE com intelHD3000 do armário, já instalei o 10.15.0, vou atualizar para o 10.15.3 beta pra ver se vai rodar lega, André.
  7. Aqui tudo tranquilo, André.
  8. macOS Catalina 10.15.2 beta 4 (19C56a)
  9. Aqui, vai demorar um pouquinho, mas daqui a pouco sai do forno, André.
  10. macOS Catalina 10.15.2 beta 3 (19C46a)
  11. And what do I do if I don't have VM software? Don't want to shell out additional cash right now.
  12. Did you properly decompile it first? You'll need the following: iasl DSDT.aml + all SSDT.aml's in a folder Once you've cd'ed to the directory with the DSDT + SSDT's, you'll need to run the following: iasl -da -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml That should spit out .dsl files that you can open and edit with your favorite editor.
  13. Hi Kamesennin, We do have a Discord server up already. I can get you that link if you're not a part of it already
  14. I'd boot macOS up in a VM, and make the Chameleon USB from there.
  15. Catalina final saiu, excelente software, com minha nova placa radeon sapphire rx460, 1000%, André.
  16. I am looking for guidance on creating a Chameleon boot USB volume from Windows, as I currently have no bootable Mac partitions, nor working bootloader to cross-boot with. I just need to build something on a USB flash drive that will allow me to cross-boot to a Mac system on a HDD whose own bootloader is currently defunct. If that's covered somewhere in this forum, I can't find it. Once I can get a Mac OS booted up, I will get the working Chameleon version installed there, to make that HDD/partition bootable again. Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone, how you doing? Guys what you think about create a group on telegram for help everyone? Here on Brazil we have the Hackintosh Brasil forum and telegram group for help the people. What's about that idea? Best regards.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, how you doing? This is DSDT from Daten DQ77Pro motherboard, a Brazilian version from GA-Q77M-D2H Gigabyte. Non erros or warnings, non patch or something like this. If you use clover efi, put that file on /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched. Hugs.
  19. Hello brothers and sisters. How you doing? I have a little question from SSDT subject: Erro when I compile the SSDT-1-CpuOlst.aml extract with F4 key in clover boot. Anyone know's how can I remove that error for compile the file? I think this important, I searched on many forums, but non positive results... Thanks very much for any help. Hugs. PS: SSDT file uploaded. SSDT-1-Cpu0Ist.aml
  20. 28.08.2019 - installed Catalina OS on a regular HDD partition; Catalina-version (15.0.26). Sections scheme GUID - automatically converts to APFS. (((=
  21. 28.08.2019 - installed Catalina os on a regular HDD partition; Catalina-version (15.0.26). Sections scheme GUID - automatically converts to APFS. (((=
  22. Dear Admins, dear Super Mods and dear Moderators; I updated my Mac Tweak app about three months ago and it still needs to be approved by a mod but no one seems to care to do so; so respectfully either some one approve it or let me know if that it's not gonna happen so I'll remove it from the site. Thanks in advance. Cyberdevs
  23. You are right, there was something bad in the config.plist and your fix works indeed! I'm not sure how I didn't spot this before, maybe when I installed El Capitan I already had an updated config.plist and didn't try the one provided in this guide. Sorry I've never tried this system with Sierra. Chances are the guide would need to be updated. It doesn't perform anything, as written in the guide we're only keeping it because the DSDT makes some references to registers that are defined in SSDT-1. And because we've opted in Clover to drop all SSDTs, if we don't add this file we're effectively not loading any of its contents, which would end up making our DSDT point to invalid references. I don't have it anymore either, sorry. That's great to know, thank you very much for your contribution! At the time of writing this guide, I didn't try disassembling the laptop completely, so I had always believed that the Centrino board was integrated but actually it can be replaced like you correctly pointed out.
  24. SOLVED: Turns out while trying to avoid APFS conversion and use HFS, i corrupted installation by following common method to modify the minstallconfig.xml located in target volume>macos install data.... Corrupted my installation, method does not work,. All is good . HFS on High Sierra working great. No Apple File Crap System
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