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Chameleon bootloader for mac os

What's New in Version r2510


  • 2510. Replace boot0 with boot0xg(1.0.3). Now boot0xg has all features of previous boot0 + recognize exFAT on MBR marked active + recognize exFAT+FAT32 on GPT typed as "Microsoft basic data".
  • 2507. - Add UseIntelHDMI for hda-gfx = onboard-1 or 2 that vale will be injected into the GFX0 and HDEF devices. credits Clover Team
  • - Improve gma detection for HD4600
  • - Merge (security, stability, bugs fixes) improvements.
  • - C6 & C7 States credits to Clover Team.
  • - Completed patch for ExFAT support ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302938-exfat-volume-boot-record-for-chameleon )
  • - add EXFAT boot support by Zenith432
  • - Merge patch from issue 386 (boot2 does not know how to read files from FAT partitions on GPT)
  • - define recursive cpu series for BrandString
  • - Update laoder.h to latest, declare gMI global, Load modules passed in via the multiboot header / first boot loader, fix mboot.h include, Add ?log command to print out bdmesg without needing Wait=y, Add slightly more debugging for modules.
  • - Rename CPU_MODEL_xxx into CPUID_MODEL_xxx follow Apple source name
  • - Rename decompress_lzvn function to lzvn_decode follow Apple source name.
  • - Add more chameleon UI stuff (default) made by blackosx
  • - Rollback changes for msdos.c (2327) thx to bltz
  • - Split out states generator from acpi_patcher (Credits to Clover Teams)
  • - Merged proposed patch by N3 (Boot from vanilla Recovery HD, Installation DMG)2466. Various fixes to problems exposed by Clang static analyzer (picopng.c) by bitshoveler
  • 2464.Rollback changes for msdos.c (2327) thx to bltz
  • 2456. Update Chameleon.xcodeproj - (re)enable klibc module - Typos - Merge part of bitshoveler commits : Remove "-x" option from "ld" command which breaks build under newer Xcode versions, comment out some unused functions by expanding "#if UNUSED" conditional, comment out unused static functions, which cause build to fail in "release" mode, fix null pointer handling, only write terminating null char if malloc succeeded, fix memory leak.
  • 2436. Update pkg resource file and remove duplicated check.
  • 2434. sync from offial SVN

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i am receiving kernel panic, something with AppleEFINVRAM.

last version i was using was around 2286-2377.

worked ok, but then i skipped new versions, cause they could not boot from fat32 bootdrive.

now i tried this new one, and suddenly something is wrong again, although it was everything ok before.

this is booting at least, but then is some config mismatch.

i updated fakesmc this summer, so that is relatively new too. but to make it work without kernel panics was a pain in the a$$ too.

Core 2 Quad, Gigabyte mobo, DDR2..



Update :

It was my mistake. I forgot to remove an old nvram.dylib file from the Modules folder. I just put that there because my old chameleon did not want to boot and tried a lot of things.

But now i deleted that file, and this new Chameleon(2510) works nice as it looks.

I am about to put Yosemite on soon. Now i know i have a good bootloader for 10.9 which should work with 10.10 as well..

Thanks a lot guys!

Keep up the good work ;)

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