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[UPDATED] Aergia V1.1 - Menubar Utility 1.0

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About This File

Hi there, i'd like to introduce you to Aergia

Aergia (??????, "Inactivity") is a goddess in Greek mythology , a personification of sloth and laziness .

Aergia is a menubar app i've made because i got tired of joggling with 3 ore more apps to do my daily osx86 routine. It's intended to be a easy one-click-away type of tool, for the lazy. Hence the fitting name.

On to the features:

The restart button: uses a script that bypasses normal restart routine, it's for the systems that for some reason can't restart normally. It was made for my laptop when it had this bug so results will vary, the restart may not be instant and can actually take a few minutes or not happen at all.

The sleep and shutdown are just there to complement the restart one.

Toggle Turbo States: This is a useful feature for laptop users when they go mobile and want more battery life. Currently it works only on Chameleon by altering the DropSSDT=Yes/No field. Based on the assumptions it actually affects your system.

Toggle File Visibility: Just your average show/hide hidden files function.

Rebuild Kext Caches: Rebuilds the system kextcache file.

Kext installer: It's a basic kext installer, you can choose if you want to install it in the current partition or another. It launches a finder window, so if you have finder in the background so will this window be. Next version will fix this.

The round blue info button provides some info about the features, and the "x" closes, not hides, the utility.


Update: Aergia V1.1


- implemented Sparkle Framework (update feature) + "Check for updates" button.

- fixed Kext installer window, it will now be on top of the any other windows.

- renamed "Repar Kext Caches" to "Rebuild Kext Caches".

- it should now work with Snow Leopard!

If you have any feature ideas/requests or bug reports please post them here to send them via email (can be found in the Info popup inside the app)

P.S Aergia works great with Growl Fork!

Thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=280906&pid=1836233&st=0entry1836233

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Thanks for specifying that. I'll try to make the next version compatible with 10.6 as well.

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