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Kakewalk 4.5 - Lion / Mountain Lion 1.0

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About This File

Kakewalk is a simple method for installing Mac OS X on a PC.

The sole purpose of Kakewalk is to make it as easy as possible to install OS X (Lion or Mountain Lion) on your PC. Kakewalk tries to remove all of the painful fiddling and tinkering so that you can get your hackintosh up and running within a few hours.

A guide is included in the download to help you install Mac OS X with ease. It?s called hackintosh for a reason, so you might run into issues while installing. If you run into any issues then refer to the Help page and/or the Kakewalk forums.

Compatibility: http://www.kakewalk.se/compatibility/

Thanks to mrjanek

Kakewalk-4.5.0(2nd-version).zip Fix for sound on older boards

mrjanec updated Kakewalk with an older version of ALC8xx that will work with older motherboards. You should try it out. Just install like you normally would.

System hangs at ?PCI Configuration Began?

If this happens then you should try installing the patched kext IOPCIFamily.kext. Make sure to read the Readme file supplied with package. For Lion and Mountain Lion.

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My system D975XBX2 with Intel Q6600 2.4GHz processor. After installing ML it is hangs at [PCI Configuration begin].

Will this "IOPCIFamily.zip" can solve the problem?

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i m using IOPCIfamily.kext by default from apple,

my pc boots but there is no spinning gear at startup ......

when i switched to verbose....in stuck at PCI configuration begins ......but system boot perfectly.

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