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GMA X/4500/M/MHD/HD +64 bit kext 1.1

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About This File

--UPDATE MAY 19th--

the project john was working on was cancelled...

--UPDATE APR 29th--

just thought i would share the news here but on this page John has finally got QE/CI working on GMA 4500M, when the driver will be released idk but i will help him make a 64 bit driver of this as i am on mountain lion and i was getting pretty close myself but i couldn't figure it out so maybe with his knowledge of the driver and mine of the 64 bit kext we can finally have a fully supported up-to-date system!


--UPDATE APR 7th---

for those of you who are having problems with brightness on your computer's go here and follow the directions.it worked for me smile.png


--UPDATE SEPT 16th--

been looking at the comments and certain IGP's of GMA 4500 work fine others need fixes (DSDT) to work properly...

Does not work for desktops! :Intel G41 (GMA X4500) in tablets/desktops should work fine and may enable QE/CI

Intel GM45 (GMA 4500MHD) in laptops/tablets work fine need backlight fix

seems not to work for Q chipsets

Intel GS45 (GMA 4500MHD)seems unstable...

Intel GL40 works flawlessly (my chipset wink.png )

working on more info will update shortly wink.png

--UPDATE SEPT 15th--

hello everyone i am back from a long needed vacation smile.png

ok... well back to business

only thing that's different is.. im on windows.... and i haven't had many/any problems :/ guess i was wrong windows 7 is fine

now heres one reason i have windows.. im a gamer and recently lost one of my console's :'(

but ill try to help the best i can ok guys? smile.png and yes if your guessing i highly doubt QE/CI will ever be supported....but we may figure it out wink.png

--UPDATE AUG 2nd--

10.8 does support the 64 bit kexts :cool:


From this point on this page will be used to inform updates,

i have included a READ ME and other things

---UPDATE JULY 10th---

i put in the smbios i forgot to put in *my bad* but otherwise enjoy biggrin.png

---UPDATE JULY 9th---

i included dynamic kexts for your specific device id so u don't have to patch on your own (this took me an hour wink.png )

if u have a unlisted device message me and ill include it, they are in both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture so support for mountain lion

removed a few unnecessary files

---UPDATE JULY 8th---

Quartz Debug settings for performance: QE Enabled,QGL Enabled,BeamSync Disabled/OFF

macbook 4,1 smbios for better performance

voodoopowermini needed for macbook 4,1 smbios speedstep ill include it

plus with VPM you can set p-state limits when on ac/battery/and low battery in the info.plist

---UPDATE JULY 7th---

fixed unmodified kext and updated 2E32 DEV ID kext

---UPDATE JULY 3rd---

updated 32 bit kexts to 6.3.6 made september 2011

included unmodified kext incase someone has a unincluded kext for there dev id (which i could put in if u told me the dev ids wink.png )

less lag and more stable wink.png

no full QE/CI until the non FB kext works or someone makes a new kext (who knows it could be me wink.png )

---UPDATE JULY 1st---

software QE works i use quartz debug ill include it but be warned the CPU has limits!!

added kext for 2E32 device id wink.png

fixed kexts info.plist so theres no need to add dev ids wink.png but still patch them with the bash wink.png

---UPDATE JUNE 28th---

users with 2A42 use 2A42AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext if you get this line in verbose boot

IG: Invalid firmware max backlight setting or it don't work first time use GraphicsEnabler in chameleon then if u get both

IG: Invalid firmware max backlight setting

IG: Invalid firmware backlight level setting, your display should work;)

included system info you should know what to do with that wink.png

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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flash games,chess basic games NO 3D or large 2D games!!!! videos i have no idea except youtube,netflix,i think u can video chat on fb maybe other sites just basic stuff no 3D rendering ok? i just use virtual servers and stuff like that youtube,flash,fb so yeah ;)

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Hey , how do you build a kext. Does a knowledge of C/C++/Assembly Programming is required or just patching old kext. I am trying for my Intel Wifi 5100 AGN.

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@macos665 : Thank You so much. Can you please provide me your email ID/twitter/facebook , so i can contact you in future.

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@macos665 : how to make resolution 1366x768? I can't. What kext i must to install? Only 2A42? And what about os x lion (32 or 64)? Thnank's.

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Thank you for this drivers. It is not perfect, but OSX is finally usable on my laptop. Lion and 2A42 here. Now it is a time to find drivers for my rtl8188ce or buy something else :)

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im updating the driver right now it was made recently and is more stable i just wish i could get the non FB kext to work :(

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report:the kext from the install of lion works but theres mouse and visual quality faults/lag so :/

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thanks your response. the install way is below, Is it right ?

1. extrat graphics.7z

2. type sudo -s, drag bash into terminal window,

3. type -rf *YOUR DEV ID* i.e. 2A42

should look like this: bash-3.2# /Users/jordananthony59/Downloads/patch4500-2.bash -rf 2A42

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I can't get you mean of install the kext for your device. Because of run the bash script is the way to install the kext. Is it right?? my device id is 2A42

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There are three kexts in the compression file graphics.7z . I don't know which one i can install with KextWizard in Lion .my device id is 2A42, Is it (2A42)AppleIntelGMAX4500:M:MHD-FB.kext? and Can this (2A42)AppleIntelGMAX4500:M:MHD-FB.kext use in x64 mode??

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