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Chameleon 2.1 r1840 - 10.8 Mountain Lion support 1.0

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About This File

Build info.


Package name: Chameleon-2.1svn-r1840.pkg

MD5: 3203124a77ffde6f2c2ad6dd3979dce7

Version: 2.1svn

Stage: 2.1svn

Date/Time: 2012-03-02 14:19:24

Built by: onehalfkiller

Copyright 2008-2012

Latest changes.


list_check.png Improved Xcode4 support

list_check.png update header of perl script with url of readonly google spreadsheet. Add 'fix me' note in to buildpkg.sh buildresources() that the textutil conversion process yields different unicode markup in Snow Leopard as it does in Lion - as a result running o

list_check.png Update to remove extra two characters from the end of the description which were left if after conversion.

list_check.png Update Dutch Language Resource - Added Romanian Language Resource (COMPLETE) thx to rvxtm - Update Italian Language Resource - Added npci=0x3000 flags choice options into all language

list_check.png sync with trunk 1830 - Update Dutch Language Resource - Update Romanian Language Resource - Update Italian Language Resource - Added npci=0x3000 flags choice options into all language - Update both chameleon.xcodeproj (Trunk/Modules SubBranches)

list_check.png Merge latest trunk change in to branch. Apply type changes to perl script header.

list_check.png Fix (patch) building process. Resources now download and build successfully so package can be made. Checks are now needed to see if this works on different localizations and different systems. I have a feeling more work weill be needed to handle the

list_check.png Couple of quick deletions and changes. Working on getting Resource info from published google doc. Current state is not Working - lots of work still to do.

list_check.png Chimera 1.8.0. Added addtitional NVIDIA cards and fixed some card definitions. Added additional specific and generic AMD/ATI Cards, add RV790 support, made cosmetic changes to vaious cards. Added Mountain Lion support based on cparm's patch. Backport

list_check.png Add initial infrastructure for using a single master Resources file. This is a work in progress as a few things need fixing yet before initial trials.

list_check.png Cause chameleon to build with gcc instead of cc, aka, llvm-gcc-4.2 instead of clang on xcode 4.3





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FYI. Tried Chameleon RC5 752 Lion+Snow.pkg that came with a 10.8 Dev Pre USB ISO from piraxx Bxx. This boot loader boots 10.8 perfectly. But... The boot loader will only work from a USB restored ISO of 10.8 installer and there for have the mentioned Chameleon RC5 752 Lion+Snow.pkg onto the USB drive you then boot to the USB 10.8 and then select the drive that you installed 10.8 on and good to go. But if you try to install the Chameleon RC5 752 Lion+Snow.pkg boot loader on to the installed 10.8 drive you get a kernel panic when booting from said drive. I have tried to install all of the chameleon boot loader versions (19.8 supported) on a Hackintosh with 10.8 dev pre and got either a kernel panic or a reboot when boot screen tries to load. So the Chameleon RC5 752 Lion+Snow.pkg that came with the USB ISO of 10.8 must either have been modded to work with 10.8 or it just works because of the written code in the boot loader itself.

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One more bit of information. The Hackintosh hardware build that have had problems with the recent 10.8 compatible boot loaders is as follows.

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P rev 1.6

Core 2 Duo 2.33

4GB DDR 667

nVidia 8600 GT

Bios Hack Knol Cartri version. (note the knol web site for carti bios mods will go down for good may 1st 2012 for good).

750 SATA HD.

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question: why does it say Mountain Lion Support when it wont boot lion at all for so many of us..? Instant reboot here as well.

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Here is the way to solve the issue and get the full hardware configured.

Great tutorial.

Check out the channel of this guy.

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