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MSI P35 Neo2 FI-FR 10.7.3 1.0

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About This File

LION 10.7.3 READY! Working: Sound, Sleep, Hibernate, Sata, Ide, Temps.

*** Update your mobo to latest bios, no more hacked bios needed!

With this pack everything working GOOD!

Ok, thats really whats you need to make msi p35 to work with LION 10.7.3.

Remember, the chameleon is configured to use 1680x1050 Resolution and to use GraphicsEnabler,

you can change that options from Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist

My system never takes kp, 10-15 days uptime.

Working fast like hell!

CPU: Core2Duo @ 3.0 (Clocked to 3.3ghz)

RAM: 4gb (Clocked to 925mhz)

SSD: Agility 3 64gb

HDD: Black Caviar 640gb

GPU: Ati Radeon 5770HD

M/B: Msi P35 Neo2 Fi/Fr

Extensions Folder (Use kext helper to install extensions and Repair Permissions)


ACPIMonitor.kext (Motitor ACPI values and report TEMPS of system)

AppleHDA.kext (Enables the ALC888 sound card)

FakeSMC.kext (Emulates SMC device of a real MAC - Without this no hack possible)

IntelCPUMonitor.kext (Reports CPU temps)

IntelThermal.kext (Report TEMPS)

IOACHIBlockStorageInjector.kext (Achi Mode FIX)

NullCPUPowerManagement.kext (Disables CPUPowerManagement -- Without this KernelPanic)

PlatformUUID.kext (Creates a UUID for system -- If you want a different UUID change the info.plist)

SleepEnabler.kext (Enable sleep mode -- On my P35 the sleep doesnt work on mac and windows..use it with DeepSleep for hibernation!)

SuperIOFamily.kext (Reports Temps)

SuperVIAATA.kext (Enables the Via controller -- IDE and The blue SATA connector)

Extra Extensions


AtherosFix.kext -- (Enables Some atheros based wifis to work with airport)

RadeonMonitor.kext -- (Reports ATI Radeon Chipset Temps)

Boot Folder (If you have GUID partition table you must copy contents of folder to your EFI partition, if you have MBR you must copy to your boot partition )


boot (Chameleon 2.1SVN with iCloud and AppStore fix) - *(Hibernate NoMore Kernel Wakeup Messages! Wake like a real Mac)

Extra/dstd.aml (Many fixes for MSI P35 (Over 100 fixes) now you dont need modded bios)

Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist (Preconfigured for iCloud and AppStore...Change the Resolution to yours and the GraphicsEnabler if needed)

Extra/smbios.plist (Copied from a real mac )

if you need kexts for 10.7.2 - 10.7.1 - 10.7.0 go to http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2155


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I second an installation guide please. If possible, any instructions for dual boot with Windows 7 and 8 would be great.

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I have just uploaded a proper pack for the MSI P35 series. I have downloaded yours, but I found that the DSDT included was not even for this motherboard - it is one from a laptop / notebook computer. However, I have uploaded a pack under the DSDT section and Sleep mode does work genuinely with the one I've uploaded. Also, with NullCPUPowerManagement the processor C and P states does not work properly and the smbios.plist includes a hardware string from a real mac, it boots up very slowly due to this and causes improper functioning when trying to put the system to S3 sleep. Please check out the pack I've uploaded, it is a proper working one (and I will soon modify it to work with Lion and Mountain Lion). However I did use your pack until recently I was experiencing weird system problems such as that my system does certain things slowly (booting up) or not at all (like waking from genuine sleep mode or putting the display to DPMS sleep).

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I get from here just SleepEnabler, i have motherboard GA-P67A-D3B3 (F7 bios update) with DSDT for motherboard F5 bios update, video GeForce 9500GT, MacOS Lion 10.7.4 and this SleepEnabler work fine for me. Mouse and keyboard awake after 10 seconds after system awake.

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@Carel This pack isnt for Snow Leopard, your dsdt isnt working on my lion build (no sound ) and your chameleon configuration cause a yellow drives problem and a slow boot time!

For the power managent kext i use a patched kext (without null power) but im in testing! (man kp's)

my dsdt base comes from my lenovo laptop.

The sleep function doesnt work on my msi p35 neo2 fr mobo on macos,windows and linux! so isnt my dsdt the problem, also i have try all versions off bios without success. if u have any smart idea search on goole msi p35 sleep wake s3. i have make a lot of posts on msi forum!

So you post in 10.7 section for ur 10.6 pack! GOOD IDEA dute! U are the master! Keep trolling. ;)

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