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32 or 64 bit Kernel Startup Selector v1.6.0 1.0

About This File

32 or 64 bit Kernel Startup Selector v1.6.0

This little yet powerful plugin will forcefully make Lion run in totally 64 bit mode!

- Just launch it and you will see if you are booting in totally 64 bit or not.

The plugin shows 'Processor', 'EFI', 'Kernel Boot Mode' and 'Kernel' modes!

- Select whether you want to start your computer in full 64 bit the next time you reboot or stay in 32 bit...

Enjoys Hackintosh Masters!

UPDATE: You might get the famous "Errors encountered while starting up the computer" "Pausing 5 seconds..." annoying message after applying this plugins to reboot your mackintosh in total 64 bit from now on which is really nothing only 5 seconds lost. For so long many couldn't feature out why all of a sudden the error pop up in every boot. They would blame in on the boot loader whether it was Chameleon or Chimera...

- Candio's solution requires to load up ur Lion disk or USB, use Pacifist to extract the com.apple.boot.plist file and replace it with the current on in your system. This will cause you to loose the 'Kernel Boot Mode' back to 32bit and your back to square one.

Thanks to Mackie100, his method is not only the simplest to eliminates the '5 second pause error' but keeps your OS Lion to keep booting in totally 64 bit mode! Thanks Mackie for the tip...


So after selecting the 'Start in 64bit mode' and applying it in the plugin. Open Terminal and type or copy & paste the fallowing:

type or copy & paste in terminal: sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

- hit Enter, fix permission and reboot. From now on you will not get the 'Error' message anymore yet totally booting in 64bit mode!

launch the 32 & 64 bit plugin again to verify that you're booting all in full 64bit mode!

- Working great in 10.7.3 Lion

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My set up was perfect until I used the "32- or 64-bit Kernel Startup Mode Selector" application.

After I selected 64bit and rebooted I started getting this "Errors Encountered While Starting Up..." message.

"Errors encountered while starting up the computer"

"Pausing 5 seconds..."

To fix this restore the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to the original installation dvd

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HAHAHA... thank you to both FC Candido & mackie100 for this annoying problem. Both of you have just gave the 1000's of users the solution to resolve this little annoyance with your solutions! Thanks you both so much now we all know what causes this "5 second pause errors" we were all blaming it somehow on the bootloaders thinking it was causing this error!

Thanks a lot guys much props for both of you!

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Confirmed! Works 100%

n.b. Stay away form 32/64 bit selector after this fix unless you want to go to the square one in no time :)

Tnx guys!

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