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DSDT+SSDT GA-X58A-UD7 rev.1 F9g 0.87

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About This File

It is not a complete version, only beta workflow, but it works perfect for me.

Who can see some changes through my workflow (same folder) and find some critical errors, I'll be happy to recieve comments about. I'm using a dsdtb36.aml from list, that bring me a sleep, but 37 and so on will corrupt sleep. AppleRTC should be patched.

- Sleep - V

- Restart (Chameleon FIX) - V

- Shutdown - V

- Devices - V (but with installed JMicron36xATA.kext wont sleep, who can find a solution for it?)

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For SSDT the same folder as DSDT. Or simply not use it, but write correct settings into boot.plist.F9g is new about 1,5 year!I will progress some hard work in the future, but this time I have too few time and no Internet access for research.for correct sound I used layoutid=01 that's why I recommend to install correct kext from MB{censored} (5.3.1 is now the final version). And many else is useful there.Cheers.

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forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/48085-gigabyte-modified-bios-107.html seek here. Some speed improvements, updated OROMs, after flash you can update sata3 onchip FW by pressing Atl+F12 (or Ctrl+F12) during post.Sata3 working, it named MRVL in the Dsdt by me. Just cosmetical. it shows 7 ports (1 virtual).When my hack waking post-indicator shows CF (maybe Corrupt Flash) then E5, then FF and wakes. Maybe that way is wrong, don't know.I know there is some known errors in the dsdt, but I'm lazy to fix them, maybe later.I'm seeking somebody who actually knows difficult tricks obout hacking dsdt. Especially through my workflow.

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scuzzo7, yeah, this is the last version. I hate GB, 'coz they had forgotten almost at once about X58 platform.?They promised to build UEFI, but nothing they did.?

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