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nvidia drivers for Lion Golden master 10.7 1.0

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About This File

1. Remove all Enabler or video kexts you just installed

2. Download and install nvidia official drivers


(Note : right click > show package content , and install all drivers package insite the installer if it does not allow you to run setup )

3. Download and install latest CUDA driver


4. Download this NVInject kext (click download button above). Use kext Helper (from MB{censored}) and install the kexts.Then restart

Mirror links :

CUDA 4.0.18


NVInject kext


nVidia official driver


Kext helper:


Dont worry if system profiler says 128MB VRAM , go to system preferences , and start the screen saver, if you see the screen saver means QE/CI enable. use CUDA-Z tp check your graphic card : http://www.mediafire.com/?wzjzvj46m3i01bp

Some methods to check your graphic card works or not :

1st Method

This is the easiest method of all time. All you have to do is run Chess application. Fire it up and play chess. Now if you are able to move the piece . Congraluations , hardware acceleration (QE/CI) is working.

If you aren?t pleased or if you do want to check if it really works. I?ve included other alternative methods. Do continue to read

2nd Method

Check if screensaver works. Its fairly simple to do. All you have to do is go to System preferences and then select Desktop and Screen saves. Select Screen savers tab and do test out a screensaver. If you see a blank screen , it means that your Graphics acceleration is not working !

3rd Method

Test out Dashboard (Press F12) (or F3 if you?re using Apple Aluminium Slim Keyboard). Drag and drop a widget . If you see a ripple-like effect (or cool effects) when you add a widget. Congratulations everything is working

There are other ways to test as well for instance running DVD Player. Downloading and playing mac games such as Neverball.

4th Method (thanks to iHack)

Try Front Row. If Front Row works , QE/CI is in place , otherwise it wouldn?t work at all !

Is it usefull ? click here

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Old driver, old Cuda. Try at your own risk. Also, I don't think this will enable FrontRow on Lion

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This is definatly not the right way to activate Fermi on LION it evens shit up your rig.See this

See full thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=260074What I did for full GTX580 support:1) DEV-ID in NVDAGF100hal.kext 2) Open CL addition netkas instructions (hexedit) in file GeforceGLDriverBundle3) Cuda 4.019 install4) AGPM adjustment (add at correct system type MacPro4,1 for mine your devID with a copy of an existing profile)5) Remove AppleUpstreamKext for removing mouse lag6) Adjust bootplist with Graphics Mode with an empty value7) Rebuild the Kexts and reboot

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Please HELP!I killed my install with this drivers. How can I remove them?Any idea?Thanks in advance!

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