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updated Trackpad+Keyboard PS2 32/64 1.0

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put both kexts in /S/L/E - remove any PS2 kexts you used before and do not mix with voodoops2.

Trackpad works as mouse, no fancy extras. 32 + 64bit, SL and Lion GM tested, works reliable.

UPDATE, a BETTER one - load only this (TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zipe pack) from now on : have new stuff for us Laptop fans added : now trackpad with a working prefpane to enable click to tap and scroll :cool:

Screenshot of prefpane see here please : http://i53.tinypic.com/p2i49.png

instructions : remove old PS2controller.kext and AppleAcpiPS2nub.kext, replace with the same named kexts from new packages.

put the trackpad.prefpane in /LIBRARY/PREFPANES . Don't touch/remove the OSX built in trackpad prefpane ( which is in /System/Library/prefpanes) repair permissions with diskutility , reboot. Afterwards you can manage your trackpad via Systemsettings -> trackpad. tons of options to choose from, makes the trackpad fully work ( synaptics for me , 1finger scroll,2finger scroll,horizontal,vertical, tap to click ).

32 + 64bits, Snow and Lion GM tested and confirmed

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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It works on Asus VX7 but there's one sad thing: When I use my touchpad as a mouse, the cursor moves very smooth and precisely but when I use it as a trackpad the cursor moves very imprecisely (moving/jumping by 3-4 pixels). How to fix that?

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in Mountain Lion 10.8, I get the following message after rebooting and trying to change the preferences.

"?Trackpad? preferences is installed with Mac OS X and can't be replaced."

when using the prefpane you included in the zip package placed where you indicated.

Otherwise, I have tap and scroll, tap and highlight, regular one-finger operation.

Any ideas?

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Doesn't work for me, still cannot modify trackpad in 10.8 Mountain Lion


13th June 2012 at 07:32

For all those who cannot get the Trackpad Preference to load (Track Pad not found), I had the same scenario, to fix I deleted the ApplePs2Mouse.kext from within the included (in the package) ApplePS2Controller.kext.

Right click on the ApplePS2Controller.kext -> Show Package Contents -> go into Contents -> then into the Plugin directory -> delete ApplePS2Mouse.kext (do all this while the ApplePS2Controller.kext is still on the desktop, install using Kext Wizard in S/L/E, repair permissions and update cache using Kext Wizard. Reboot, that should do it.

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People on 10.7.5 does it still work for you?? since the latest update trackpad doesn't work anymore :S

can anyone point out a fix for this...

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Don`t work TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zip on my Acer S3 (i3) Lion (10.7 GM).. anyway i know it ?.?.. thanks, Gracias, saludos.!!

..trying to get only ps2 mouse :)

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only two finger scrolling works on compaq presario V3500(lion).

no single tap for left click working.or 1 finger tap working

no two-finger tap for right click working.

and no trackpad preference pane working(loaded).

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