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Boot usb OS X 10.8+(Boot Clover_v2_r1208)-ONLY AMD 1.0

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About This File

????I've created an installer which is called Boot usb OS X 10.8+(Boot Clover_v2_r1208)-ONLY AMD.pkg

This installer main goal is to ease the way for people using AMD cpu on OS X:D:encouragement: and the bootloader Clover.;):victorious:

this Installer is for the CPU (Phenom II/ Athlon II)

and maiby you need this boot flag to using this kernel arch=x86_64

. I've put some screen capture to show you the installer:;)

PS: for those you have the installer from the mac App Store: just right clic on the Installer OS X Mountain Lion / show packages contents/ open contents / open SharedSupport / and open Installesd.dmg. and for the other one,just open the Installesd.dmg

see this picture :encouragement:


and now! ran the Installer :encouragement:





This image capture is the procedures installer is completed on the USB. :D:p613.png

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Please make one for AMD Bulldozer (I have the AMD FX 8120 CPU). 10.8.4 mountain lion if it is possible and can you make it so that my hd5450 graphics card works?

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Mhh I just tried this file and my ML from App Store. I launch from USB and a 7 shows up then freeze symbol:


on my screen and not loading anything. What is wrong?

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Hi, I can install Mountain Lion but when it restarts I just get a flashing cursor. If I boot from USb and select the newly installed ML it loads the kernel shows uuid and just reboots.

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