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[NEW] 10.8.3 ML Nvidia GT 520 Updated Lastest Drvr 1.0

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About This File

[NEW] 10.8.3 ML Nvidia GT 520 Updated Lastest Driver!

Updated Lastest Nvidia Driver Version: 313.01.01f03

How To Install & Your Need Packages:

1- Install & Boot OS X 10.8 and update 10.8.3.

2- Download & extract this files.

3- Download & install lastest chameleon from

www.osx86.net or www.insanelymac.com or www.onehalfkiller.com ( minimum chameleon 2.2 r2238+ (or newer) )

4- Download & install lastest nvidia cuda from

www.nvidia.com or www.osx86.net

5- Download lastest kext utility from


6-1- Extracted kexts copy and paste to /System/Library/Extensions and click change, okay (enter password) and open kext utility.app and enter password and click okay than see enjoy and click quit button and restart.

6-2- Or Extracted kexts drag and drop to kext utility.app and enter password and click okay than see enjoy and click quit button and restart.

Nvidia GeForce GT 520 by KemalALKIN - Major Hint! - Please Read !

Full speed performance for plase change smbios.plist file:

Change mac type to MacPro5,1 because:

Edited speed lines in AppleGraphicsPowerManagment.kext ; MacPro5,1lines.

Delete This KEXT :

System --> Library -->> Extensions ;

AppleTyMCEDriver.kext because:

Start with MacPro5,1 = kernel panic | solution = delete this AppleTyMCEDriver

And switching very very fast no freeze in tab switch for fast speed = delete this folder in System --> Library --> Extensions AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext

" This driver only all Nvidia GT 520 GPU Models - Lastest chameleon bootloader auto detect your gpu no needenabler - Lastest cuda speed up your graphics. "

Note 1 : Resolution & refresh rate change perfectly work and glass menubar = %100 working your gt 520 card.

Note 2 : OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 (12D78)

Edited,Tested & Uploaded by:

KemalALKIN-Gaziantep in Turkey

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Hello KemalAlkin,

Could you please advise me how I could change the resolution grater than 1024x768?

I use a VGA cable to connect to the VGA screen.

It shows the recommended resolution as 1024x768 but the scaled down resolution is 800x600

my card is detected as asus GForce gt520 by chameleon

Thanks for your updated kext's

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