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ATY Init (lion + snow) 1.0

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About This File

ATY Init from netkas website.

This kext work on Lion and Snow leopard

Supported ATI:

2400 series

2600 series

2900 series

3400 series

3600 series

3800 series (in particular for 3800X2)

4600 series

4800 series (in particular for 4850 & 4870 & 4870X2 & 4890)



5900 series (in particular for 5970)

5700 series

6800 series (for 6870 read this Ati HD 6870 kexts.com)

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For a 5870, install the Chimera or ATI Experimental bootloader with MB{censored} ;). And use GraphicsEnabler!

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Hi, anyone tried it on a HD 3470? QE and CI? all resolutions relating Hz ?.... I understand that Apple has never taken the 34xx series in their mac, but it is absurd that many good programmers like you can not get kext with third-party (made by you) ... I regret all this for the simple fact that a lot of people this GPU .... I very much hope that one day achieve it! would like to have won a great challenge and who will succeed will be the most good. We are still waiting, will not give up:) THANKS!

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my card 2600 xt is not working on 10.6.7. working only safe boot without qe/ci. and i tried normal boot it shows black screen.

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