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GA-EG41MF-US2H 1.0

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About This File

Working so far DSDT for [GA EG41MF US2H] on Snow 10.6.6 Chameleon RC5 699

DSDT fixes included:






HD Audio ALC888

Network Realtek


KEXT for 10.6.6 @64 / audio / network / Fan monitoring FakeSMC /

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I also have a problem with a kernel panic. :( (message with something about fakesmc)

SemperFi: Quai est-ce que tu a modifi? dans com.apple.Boot.plist??

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if someone have problems with KP in FakeSMC , so remove FakeSMC








Or use some older FakeSMC

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@exploitmac Im sure it supports Gigabyte 8600 GT. if You have other - you must edit proper entry PEGP in DSDT.aml for your system.

You don't need to use DSDT. You could use Efi Strings from efi strings Studio and paste them in chameleon preference pane. But first replace PEGP in my dsdt with your Pegp from native Gigabyte DSDT

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Hi. I haven't used Leopard in a long time and miss it and now Snow Leopard has been out for some time and hacking OSX has come along in leaps and bounds I decided to get back on the horse so to speak, except I just keep falling off lol. I realise there are lots of tutorials out there but to be honest I can't get this done. With 10.5 I managed to get most things working but it still was very buggy. So with all these files available has anyone on here got this working 100%?? If so I'm at a loss what the hell to do to be honest. I used the DSDT file in 10.5 and it sort of worked but I'm still in the dark about getting this board working. I am just going in circles reinstalling over and over and either geting KP's or no USB with 10.6.6 combo. This is so hard and frustrating. If you have your board 100% working can you please give me the gist of how you achieved it, Thanks.

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Hi toshinori, Do you get any AHCI-controller in system information (seriel-ATA) mine only shows the harddrives.

I have tried your DSDT and a my own patched one plus almost every kext available an it still doesnt show.

I have a GA-EG41MF-USH2 with the F5 bios. Q9400 cpu, ATI 5450 gpu

(i have no need for working sound/ethernet because ive got a firewire soundcard and a wireless USB-adapter)


Johan - Sweden

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