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QE/CI radeons patch for 10.6.6 1.0

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About This File

There was rumors about 10.6.6 ATIRadeonX2000.kext doesn?t require binary patching, but these turned out to be negative.

So here it is, the patch for 10.6.6, support was added for anything in range of 0?9440-0?9462, but I don?t promise every card in that range will work !

GoodLuck !

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ATI card ctrings:

0x94001002 0x94011002 0x94021002 0x94031002 0x95811002 0x95831002 0x95881002 0x94c81002 0x94c91002 0x95001002 0x95011002 0x95051002 0x95071002 0x95041002 0x95061002 0x95981002 0x94881002 0x95991002 0x95911002 0x95931002 0x94401002 0x944A1002 0x945A1002 0x94901002 0x949E1002 0x94801002 0x95401002 0x95411002 0x954E1002 0x954F1002 0x95521002 0x95531002 0x94a01002 0x94401002&0xFFF0FFFF 0x94501002&0xFFF0FFFF 0x94601002&0xFFF0FFFF

My ATI card HD 4350(0x1002-954f) 64-bit ddr2 512 pci-e x-1(max card x16 > http://www.powercolor.com/us/products_features.asp?id=201 no pci-e Albatron PX865PE (Pro)) dont no work QE/CI in DVI - VGA and VGA. :(

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