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iUpgrade 10.6.5 1.0

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About This File

iUpgrade 10.6.5 is a simple pkg that consent you to boot up normally your hackintosh system after the 10.6.5's update install, without kernel panics. A Thanks for the must compatible kernel for Snow Leopard, the Legacy kernel AMD/Intel 10.6.4 created by qoopz,nawcom,AnV,Blacknight and Mucha.

ATTENTION:You must install this patch only when you have finished to install the 10.6.5 update, and not before.

This patch works only on Intel and AMD computer, doesn't work in netbook computer, because there isn't a kernel that supports it. This patch will install in your mackintosh a compatible kernel, and a few kext for prevent any problems.

Please if you encounter any problems report it to the comment or in the official site http://kabacix86.blogspot.com i hope you enjoying this pkg. Good OSX86ing!!

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Mine legacy_kernel doesn't work either with this patch...

Think we have to wait till Apple releases the source code of 10.5.0 mach_kernel...

I'm waiting for it....

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after download the apple update install it

and after set finish dont restart

and backup this two kexts to safe place



then put this two old kext on extensions and make pfix from terminal


if you didnt do this you will lose usb ithink release of 10.5 kernel will fix usb bug so no need for this but now you must do this

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Thanks kabacix86 worked,

but must be combined with http://www.kexts.com/view/608-10.6.4_usb.html copying the kexts in Extra / Extensions. installing the 10.6.5 update of Snow Leopard

to finish installing the update, do not restart, but also install the 10.6.5 iUpgrade and proceeded to restart, it worked perfect but before you reinstall the kexts in System / Library / Extensions with kext helper b7. install the update 10.6.6, when I finish when I proceeded to reinstall the kexts and remove them from Extra / Extensions. or will have to do double duty

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