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Clover v.2 rL1667 64BIT and 64BIT UEFI Build only! 1.0

About This File

64BIT and 64BIT UEFI Build only!

This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based computers created as a replacement to EDK2/Duet bootloader http://www.tianocore.org.

Compiled by ichs aka wh000penator:anonymous:

EFI ESP installation boot like a charme, updating mbr is also possible....

please test it, its not my work, i only compiled this version...:anonymous:

sleep wake works without dsdt and without dsdtpatching...... :D





using UEFI BIOS or own CloverEFI

default boot after timeout into previous chosen OS

customizable GUI: themes support, own icons, fonts, background image, animated pictures, mouse pointers.

F1 - multilingual help, depending on language in config

saving preboot.log from GUI by typing F2 and system.log for debug

save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4

test DSDT patching with F5

save videoBIOS into EFI/misc by pressing F6

saving screenshots from GUI typing F10

CD/DVD eject by F12 and refresh menu after CD insertion

change GUI resolution by PgUp/PgDown

save BOOT0000 option to NVRAM (like bcfg in Shell)

call to Shell.efi

native screen resolution in GUI

scroll bar if screen resolution is too low for menu

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Don't works for me with esp installation (p5q dlx, legacy bios).

stuck in duet bootscreen.

Same issue as version 1378 ...

works with /main HD/EFI installation.

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