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GA-EP35-DS4 1.0

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About This File

DSDT fixes:

all warnings and error from the original Gigabyte DSDT

BIOS CMOS corruption under Snow Leopard

USB-Device-Removal-Warning upon wakeup from Sleep for the EHCI ports

UID of the PCI0 device to make the Chameleon GFX & Ethernet auto detection work

missing "built-in" property for the ethernet ports to make Timemachine working (disabled per default)

fixes Audio for mainboards with a Realtek 889A chip (disabled per default)

ICH10R USB device-id patch for all P35 and EP35 mainboards

Powerbutton fix. If enabled in Preferences pushing the Powerbutton puts the computer to sleep

The download contains:

DSDT.aml - fixed & patched & compiled DSDT. Ready to use!

DSDT.dsl - the source of DSDT.aml

DSDT_orig.aml - unmodified, original, binary DSDT

DSDT_fixed.dsl - original DSDT without errors and warnings

Also check out the post at efixusers.com: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=38

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

download and instal the MB{censored} before it must send the file DSDT.aml to the desktop but be careful you uncheck only the NVIDIA graphic and User DSDT install in boot option you select 64bit = No GraphicsEnabler

go to Extra and ovrir org.chameleon.boot.plist and copy or duplicate in the office before changing

after copying it in

Instant Menu key>

Yes string>

Kernel key>

mach_kernel string>

Kernel Flags key>

arch = i386 GraphicsEnabler maxmem = 4096 = Yes string>

Rescan key>

Yes string>

USBBusFix key>

Yes string>

EthernetBuiltIn key>

Yes string>

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