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ASUS N55SL Notebook - Mountain Lion Hackintosh 1.0

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About This File

Updated files on: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2179-asus-n55sl-no-wi-fi/l !!

ok people so.. this is my first ever hackintosh , and as a life time windows user it took me about a month to understand the main defferences between the tow OS's , osx86 basics , and then to get my machine hackintoshed !! .

anyway i've to say that i didn't do much than a simple and quick googling that leaded me to this site , and after more than 100 tries , i was able to get my machine to work "partly" until by coincidence i found this post by qwerty12


posting a link to his repository , and it was like a hidden treasure to me , and now i can say it's "fully" works as it should .

but for unkown reason , he decided to remove his repository :(

the good news is that i've been lucky to download the whole repository with latest changes maded by him before his strange decision .

since I got no way to contact with him to ask him for permission , i decided to reupload it again here so everybody else can reach it , and i hope he dosen't mind .

you can also find his will documented step-by-step guide for installation .

*NOTE: i beleve that this model shiped with defrent combination of hardwere parts (cpu , screen resolution , wifi cards ..) , so you'll have to chose what fits your hardwere , mainly you'll have to pick between (ssdt.aml file for your right cpu , dsdt.aml file that makes your screen function ok , the right kext for your wifi card)


What Works :

1- Turbo Boost using AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement

2- Intel HD 3000: [Quartz/CI]

Native 1366x768 resolution on the laptop's display panel [use no HD DSDT]

Native 1600x900 resolution on the laptop's display panel [use original DSDT by qwerty12]

3- Sound with VoodooHDA

4- Microphone

5- Touchpad - scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions

6- Battery meter

7- Play/Pause, Stop, Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute keys

8- Non-native brightness control with the keyboard

9- Power Button brings up shutdown dialog

10-Shutdown and restart


12-WIFI [Atheros AR9002WB-1NG]

13-The USB 2 ports on the right of the laptop

14-The USB 3 ports on the left of the laptop

15-SD card reader


17-Webcam - works in Apple apps if you launch the Apple app, like Photo Booth, and then run netkas'CameraControl App

What doesn't:

1-Nvidia geforce gt 635M

2-Bluetooth [only works when i boot ubuntu before] just like LuCKy69 has mentioned here http://www.osx86.net/view/2113-aus_k43sj-vx057.html i trided so many kexts but with no luck , so if you have solved this problem please let me know .

What's not been tested:

The VGA nor the HDMI ports as I have no need for them


**before you start i recommend you to patch your BIOS using moded BIOS supplied by qwerty12 and i can confirm it's a 100% SAFE & FUNCTIONAL (at least for me) BUT as qwerty12 saied " I cannot take responsibility for any damages or impairments that may occur while using or flashing the modified BIOS. If you don't want to flash it, that's fine, but you will need to remember to patch AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement when you upgrade/when it's needed.**

after you finsh patching your bios , basiclly what you need to do is :

1- preapare your thumb drive with U{censored} . (ML 10.8)

2- start osx installation with '-x' parameter

3- after installation finishes .. start your os for the first time with '-x' parameter again .

4- copy "and replace" kexts to /system/library/extintion

5- open kext utility app and wait until it repairs permission

6- install HWMonitor with FackeSMC .

7- install Chameleon bootloader .

8- copy Extra folder to the root of your /

9- Enjoy !


if that wasn't enugh for you , you can find the very detailed guide by qwerty12 included with this package.

please note that some lines of this quick tutorial been taken word by word from qwerty12 guide wich you can find inside this package .

all credits , thanks and appreciation goes to qwerty12 in the first place and the people he mentioned in his guide .


PS: sorry if there were any spelling/grammar mistakes , i'm from Saudi Arabia .


as i noticed the increasing number of people trying to download this OUTDATED package day after a day even after the moderators has deleted it and pointed people to the new UPDATED thread whom qwery12 has mention in the posts below, i decided to reupload it again for this reasons :

- some people don't have account at osxlatitude.com, and don't want to, therefore thy cant download the package .

- some don't want the hassle of reading a very long tutorial and only intrest in the minimum files that induct them to a working machine.

- there is some changes between this package and qwerty12 updated package, and i've tried his new kexts, and some of them didn't give me the pirfict result as these old ones.

- qwerty12 new package does not contain the DSDT file that i moded out of the one provided by him to make it work with screens with native resolution smaller than 1600x900.

and if that was against the rules in any way, feel free to delete it again.

????? ?????? :)

mediafire link for non registered visitors :


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thank you for your quick response, and glad that you didn't abandon the project.

i'll keep an eye on your new progress .


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@Alexandroid : now you can download the package and after that you'll find file called "AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext" install it and that should be enugh to give you a working HD3000 with QE

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Hi, does anyone try if the vga works?, i tried patching it using the modgliani-intelHD3000_Patch but still not working and using the kext file here also. Any advice for me? Thanks for helping =)

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