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Asus n56 n76 Mavericks Kexts+DSDT+AppleHDA

About This File

for italian users: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/294045-guidainstallazione-mavericks-su-asus-n56vz-versione-aio-da-windows/

this is the extra folder with dsdt.

-i installed the russian forum version:


from the russian forumhttp://ukrainianiphone.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24683&st=20&start=20)

u can use r-drive for extract the .arc in a unused free space.

in this installer all work,except multitouch and subwofer.

-for multitouch driver

1 Remove existing Apple PS2 Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2 Keyboard

From System/Library/Extensions and Extra/Extensions folders

2. Install only the attached ApplePS2Controller and Touchpad Kexts inside the zip file

-For Subwofer(NOT WORK FN 11 12 KEY):

open configuration midi applications - click + at the bottom left - creates device with multiple outputs - right click on him - I use this device as the audio output and time clik on speaker (yellow rear) in the main window.

Now plug in your sub ;D

now work all,except

-gt650m (no optmus in osx)

-internal wifi ( i bought a mini dongle usb wifin TL-WN823N)-now i changed the mini pcie with broadcom 4322 who is native supported

for me the whole system runs really well, but I think the battery life too little compared to windows (only 2hrs in my configuration), you could solve for me with a few changes to the DSDT, for example, disable the built-in wifi card or other ottimizazzioni, here and ask for help to you.


Remove Voodoo battery and install applesmartbattery attached,with this boot more faster,in my configuration (SSD SAMSUNG 830) boot in 6.83s!

UPDATE 2 Upgrading 10.9.2 And AppleHDA

if u want to upgrade,download combo update,install,replace AppleIntelcpupowermanagement,reboot.

Now,delete VoodooHda.kext,VodooBattery.kext if you have,and install AppleHDA,AppleSmartBatteryManager,AppleACPIPlatform in the package,

now replace the dsdt and reboot.

Now you have a system 100% vanilla

Thx to vusun123 for appleHDA

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Can anyone help me I have done all the steps but I just can't install I am also using asus n56vz laptop please help me thanks. I can't install I have tried all the options but I always get "still waiting for root device" error.

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