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Acer Aspire 4741G (i5-430M, Nvidia GT 330M) - Full Pack 1.2 beta

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About This File






1) SSD Disk

2) Add more 2GB RAM

3) Modded backlit keyboard (http://forum.notebookreview.com/acer/491169-acer-timelinex-3820tg-backlit-keyboard-mod.html)



- Sound (Headphones jack auto switch, microphone needs a noise fix) [Kext Patch/DSDT]

- Wifi [Native]

- Ethernet [Kext]

- Sound [Kext Patch]

- Sleep [Native/DSDT]

- Temps (Cores, GPU, External1, 2) [Kext]

- Native Power Management [Native/DSDT]

- Speedstep [Native/DSDT/SSDT]

- Turbo Boost [Native]

- Camera (needs camtwist) [Native/Application]

- Card reader [Native]

- Graphics [Native/Install Cuda for better performance]

+ HDMI (No Sound needs patch) [DSDT/Native] - [Pathed 11.DEC.13]

- Battery indicator [Kext Patch/DSDT]

- Trackpad (tap to click, double tap to drug, scroller) [Kext Patch]

+ Trackpad Voodoo option (tap to click, double tap to drug, scroller, 2 finger scrolling) [Kext]

***(Voodoo PS2 Kext: Doesnt woking good enough as apples one but enables 2 finger scroling)

*** Update your laptop with latest bios and choose AHCI mode in bios settings.

*** Camera FIX:

first search on google for camtwist (appication), download app, run it

double click to your camera, save profile, select yourt profile and click

auto load, exit.

Every time you want your camera to work open your desired app (like skype,

photobooth or what ever) and then open camtwist and magicaly your camera works smile.png



-Voodoo Drivers FREE Pack

-DSDT patched (many many fixes)

-Native Power Management

-SSDT for Speedstep

-100% Working sleep

-Every part exept camera and mic (i will fix it in next upload) working really good.

#Extensions Folder (Use kext helper to install extensions and Repair Permissions)


ACPIBatteryManager.kext (Patched for battery indicator)

AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext (Patched for battery indicator)

AppleACPIPlatform.kext (Patched fir battery indicator)

AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext (Patched for Trackpad)

ApplePS2Controller.kext (Patched for trackpad)

BCM5722D.kext (Enables the ethernet card)

AppleHDA.kext (Enables the ALC279 sound card)

AppleRTC.kext (Patched RTC for CMOS reset bug)

EAPDFix.kext (Configured to sending “Enable Pulse?? after wakeup to EAPD Amplifier on ALC Device)

FakeSMC.kext (Emulates SMC device of a real MAC and sending values from system to os- Without this no hack possible)



VoodooPS2Controller.kext (Enables the trackpad)

VoodooPS2synapticsPane.prefPane (Voodoo Preferences pane)

VoodooPS2Daemon (Enabling trackpad after wake from sleep)

synapticsconfigload (Loading the configuration)

org.rehabman.voodoo.driver.Daemon.plist (Loading Daemon when mac starts)

org.voodoo.driver.synapticsconfigload.plist (Loading Daemon when mac starts)

#Boot Folder (If you have GUID partition table you must copy contents of folder to your EFI partition, if you have MBR you must copy to your boot partition )


Extra/dstd.aml (Many fixes for laptop)

Extra/ssdt.aml (Speedstep: 10 Steps for CPU)

Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist (Preconfigured for 4741g, Dont touch it)

Extra/smbios.plist (MacBook Pro 6,1)

Extra/modules/FileNVRAM.dylib (Enables iMessage)

#Instalation Guide


1) Just use classic myHack method (no special kext needs for installation and 1st boot)

2) Install Kexts to /System/Library/Extensions with you fav kext installer

3) After first boot copy extra folder contents to your /Extra folder

4) Thats it, rebuild kernel cache and reboot.

5) You are welcome wink.png

#Voodoo PS2 Optional Pack Instalation Guide


1) Extract files to desktop

2) Install VoodooPS2Controller.kext with kext helper

3) open terminal and execute the following commands:

cd ~/Desktopsudo cp synapticsconfigload /usr/binsudo cp VoodooPS2Daemon /usr/binsudo cp org.voodoo.driver.synapticsconfigload.plist /Library/LaunchDaemonssudo cp org.voodoo.driver.synapticsconfigload.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons

4) Backup and remove following kexts from /System/Library/Extensions:


5) Repair Permissions and Rebuild Cache

6) Reboot! wink.png


What's New in Version 1.2 beta


  • #Known bugs:
  • 1) Camera needs application to start
  • 2) Microphone noise
  • #Version 1.2
  • 1) Added hdmi sound support
  • 2) Added VoodooPS2Controller (enables 2 finger scrolling) as option kext

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