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About This File

Versatile Dumping Utility

  • Full ACPI Dump & decompiling (script and iasl powered)
  • device-properties dump & convertion to plist (gfxutil powered)
  • DMI (SMBIOS) Dump and decoding (smbios-reader & dmidecode powered)
  • IOReg dump as text format
  • Chameleon and Clover boot logs dumping (respectivly powered by standard tools)
  • SMC Dump & Fan decoding (powerd by SMC-util2
  • Various system information dumps: kexts, kernel and system profiler dumps (anonymous dumps)

the following can be dumped:

- ACPI tables.- Audio codec and further info.- Boot loaders and configuration files.- Device-properties.- Disk partition structure / info.- Disk sectors (hex).- DMI (SMBIOS).- EDID.- I/O Kit Registry.- EFI Memory Map.- EFI vars (some).- Kernel information- Kext List- NVRAM.- SMC Keys.- LSPCI (PCI vendor & device codes) dumps.- RTC.- System Profiler.- System BIOS.- System Log(s).- Video BIOS.

The app can create an HTML report showing a complete overview.

There is a 'privacy' option that will mask sensitive informationin the dumped files and the HTML report. For example, the IOPlatformSerialNumber, IOPlatformUUID, IOMACAddress(s) ,USB Serial Number(s), SystemSerialNumber, serial-number, fmm-mobileme-token-FMM, MLB and ROM efi vars.

Please see the Wiki for further information.

This app as been designed to quickly diag bootloders job (thanks to all the bundled apps listed above). Post your dumps here if asking for debugging about clover.

Feel free to modify the script, and add features but share you work with us please!


Latest stable version can be downloaded from

https://bitbucket.org/blackosx/darwindumper/downloads (2.9.1)


DarwinDumper was originally inspired as an open project by Trauma. It has remained an open project so please keep it an open project. If you make any changes or additions then please share your work at the main development thread at projectosx.com.

DarwinDumper would not exist if it were not for the ideas, scripts, tools and testing from many contributors (in alphabetical order):

Adam Jackson, Amit Singh, Andy Vandijck, Apple Inc., bcc9, blackosx, cmf, dmazar, droplets, Intel Corporation, JrCs, Kabyl, Kynnder, Martin Mareš, mcmatrix, phcoder, rafirafi, гык-sse2, Slice ,sonotone, STLVNUB, THe KiNG, Trauma, xsmile, !Xabbu.

DarwinDumper makes use of Platypus for it's application wrapper, macgap for it's user interface along with the jQuery, jQueryUI and libraries.

The IORegistry Web Viewer also makes used of the jstree, jstree-grid and the jquery.hotkeys libraries.

What's New in Version 2.9.1 and 2.9.2 beta


  • -Revise driver loading to fix bug where pciutils driver would be unloaded if already present on users system.
  • -Updated flashrom to v0.9.7-r1786 and amended script to dump first chip if more than one chip found (thanks THe KiNG).
  • -Add jquery and jqueryui files in preparation for revised html report.

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