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Clover v2k r2664

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About This File

Clover v2 is open source based on different projects: Clover, rEFIt, XNU, VirtualBox.

The main is EDK2 latest revision. http://sourceforge.n.../cloverefiB{censored}/

What's New in Version r2664


  • - boot into 10.4 - 10.8 OSX, Windows EFI and Linux EFI
  • - It's EFI bootloader provides RuntimeServices for OS that impossible for Legacy Bootloaders
  • - mostly Clover do automatic detection of hardware and set all properties by default.
  • But user can change them by config.plist
  • - with Clover you may restart into other OS from Startup Disk prefPane
  • - UUID written into config.plist will be the same as in OS
  • - SMBIOS will be corrected to standard 2.6
  • - ACPI will be corrected to standard 4.0.
  • Custom DSDT will be loaded from booted partition or from EFI folder
  • - customizable RestartFix and sleep/wake fixes and PCIRootUID value
  • - Graphics Properties Injector for ATI, NVidia and Intel for wide range of supported cards.
  • Also customizable.
  • - USB fix (LegacyOff, Ownership, Builtin, clock-id) up to USB 3.0
  • - HDA injector and Ethernet builtin injector
  • - CPU turbo and P- and C-states generator
  • - ACPI tables loading (SSDT-xx, APIC, BOOT, SLIC, SLIT, SRAT, UEFI...)
  • - extra kexts loading and security mode for FireWire
  • - default boot after timeout, customizable GUI , and saving screenshots from GUI typing F10
  • - saving boot.log in OS and preboot.log from GUI by typing F2
  • MD5 (sym/Clover_v2k_r2664.pkg) = e1203a055b154abcd8cd714a29c8c1a9

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Работает?.pkg, проблем?при у?тановке?не было.
Е?ли у кого-то не идёт у?тановка, надо ?начала отмонтировать раздел EFI,

введ? по?ледовательно ?ти две команды:?

sudo umount -f /Volumes/EFI

sudo rm -rf /Volumes/EFI

По?ле ?того начинать у?тановку?


Works .pkg, installation problems was not.?
If someone is not going to install, you must first unmount the partition EFI,?
Enter the sequence of these two commands:?
sudo umount-f / Volumes / EFI?
sudo rm-rf / Volumes / EFI?
After that, start the installation



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