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This is an updated version of http://www.osx86.net/files/file/1934-voodoohda-2-7-3-edited-for-via-vt1708s/?st=10#commentsStart

Make sure to change your



to yours or else it will not work.

Things to note before saying it's not working:

Skippy/stuttery/jumpy audio!

Try calculating your busratio and then use the boot flag "busratio=xx" xx being your busratio.

My busratio is 14.5 so mine would look like "busratio=145"

Theres static in the background!

Open up Audio Midi Setup (Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup) and change the format from 44100Hz to another.

The kext isn't loading!

Make sure that you have changed the string for IOPCIPrimaryMatch to your own!

It's still not working!


If this works on older version of OS X let me know and I'll update the Compatibility list.

I have been trying to fix the bug where you change both the rear mic, rear/front speaker with the slider. I recommend using the front Mic as it doesn't change with the volume slider.

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(10.9.2) retail
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
GTX 560ti
Clover 2747


Dont work (((

Status of installed ?ur voodoo kext - dont load?

How resolve it ?

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Could you please give more detail (or post links) explaining how to find the value to put in IOPCIPrimaryMatch, as well as how to calculate the appropriate busratio value?? I'm getting choppy audio right now (and have tried two other versions besides this one).

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