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Lights-Out (prefpane 10.10) version 1.1

About This File

Copyright © 2014 Samuel Turner

Update to version 1.1

This is a Preference Pane that automatically changes the OS X Yosemite to dark theme at night and light theme during the day.


  • Enter the time of day you want the dark theme to turn on and turn off.
  • Lives in a simple PrefPane that doesn't clutter your menu bar or dock.
  • Efficient process to check the time and update. Uses less than 0.1% CPU and has no impact on battery life.

Comming Soon .....

  • Use your location to determine sunrise and sunset times and use these to change the theme.
  • Add a launchd service to make sure this runs at start up

What's New in Version version 1.1


  • Update to version 1.1
  • Attention : Beta version !
  • Install is on your own risk !

User Feedback

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I get a Error.

Preference could not be load.

But it is Dark.


a Restart fixed this problem.



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Some Feedback:


At the moment, Lights Out works poorly, it must be installed, then restart preferences, launch a first service, then cut with the Activity Monitor and restart.

In short, it is still a lot of operations, and the result is not always insured.

If the software normally runs on 4 DP Yosemite, it completely blocked the function of the public beta release in some cases.


Alpha version !

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Apparently there is a work around:


Uninstalling the plug-in at the preference pane and reboot the system and re-installing the plug-in.

That workt for some.


There is also feedback that it's still OK even after DP5 upgrade !


Update: changed for Release 2 (version 1.1)


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