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long time i tried the new ozmosis 1479, fast as hell, but not able retrieve updates, unable to login imessage appstore,icloud, so i switched back to the little bit slower but full working cl0ver version

all you need is in my zip file, on your hackintosh extracted u will able to see the aliases for the folder structure

iam not the creater, only the collecter ;)

here u are

Clover_v2k_r3050 ready (not included)

original 12a bios file with original & osx patched dsdt/ssdt) (flash it or not, dsdt is only 4 this build ;) )

new ozmosis ready (biosfiles not included) see links

smbios 12,2 (because my shit cpu i5-2300)

change it with clover configurator to your prefered HW

various tools to optimize your hack


install clover to efi


copy from my efi folder whatever you want to your efi partition

change the things u like with cloverconfigurator (included in my package)

imac hdmi works after u use the included tool:


links & infos:







enjoy your very fast,stable und unique ga-z77-ds3h, 12A!

(sadly not write access with this bios version

working: hdmi,sound,lan,macstore,imessage,standbye,wake.........

not working?

pliz gimmi feedback



ask 4 a mirror

What's New in Version 12A


  • Please look in my description

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