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Boot USB Snow Leopard.pkg 1.0

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About This File

I've recreated my installer Boot USB Snow Leopard.pkg .

This installer main goal is to ease the way for people trying Mac OS X Snow Leopard .


Image ?http://i38.servimg.com/u/f38/17/99/48/98/110.jpg

Welcome the Installer Boot USB Snow Leopard.

This package will install Chimera 1.7.0, legacy_kernel,modbin_kernel .

The package contains Chimera 1.7.0 + The Ultimate OSX86_ModCD Extra/ preboot.dmg,provided by nawcom and somes Extra modification by me.

Many thanks go to Netkas ,Voodoo Team, Chameleon Team,macman, nawcom for OSX86_ModCD .



? A . PC OR Laptop running an Hackintosh , A real MAC or Virtual Machine . ?

? A . USB Drive 8gig .

? A . Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD (Image.dmg) .

? A . USB mousse for (some laptop)


1: Format and partition your thumb drive: Insert your thumb drive; Go to the Disk Utility Choose Partition from the Volume Scheme, name Installer and select Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) from the Format drop-down. Now?and this is important hit the Options button and make sure GUID Partition Table is selected as the partition scheme. Once you've made sure to set all the appropriate settings, just click Apply and Disk Utility will get to partitioning your thumb drive.

2: Copy the Snow Leopard Install DVD image to your hard drive: insert the Snow Leopard DVD,When it shows up in the Disk Utility sidebar, click on it, then click New Image in the Disk Utility toolbar. Choose where you want to save it (for the sake of convenience, I put it on my Desktop), then click the Save button. Now just open your Image Mac OS X Install DVD

3: Make your thumb drive Bootable:

Now ran the Installer Boot USB Snow Leopard and choose your 8gig (usb Installer) .

4:Go to your bios and set the usb at first boot.

Now go to the boot menu,select usb, reboot to the usb drive:

Now installing MAC OS X Snow Leopard;

on the reboot, use the usb for finishing the Installation;At Chameleon startup, type the right arrow key, choose your HDD and hit enter.

If you have a problem booting, type the boot flag : -x or PCIRootUID=1 -x

PS: For other uses kernel :

To use the vanilla kernel, TYPE: mach_kernel

or mach_kernel GraphicsEnabler=No

To use the modbin_kernel , TYPE: modbin_kernel

To use the legacy_kernel , TYPE: legacy_kernel

5: Post installation :

Now your on desktop and You have many solution to complete the post installation .

Good Hack ! :encouragement:;)

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