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App to dump OS X system information to aid troubleshooting.

A collection of scripts and tools to provide a convenient method to quickly gather a system overview of your OS X System. The app can be run from either the Finder or command line, with the resulting dumps saved to a 'DarwinDumperReports' folder in the same directory of the main app.

The following can be dumped:

- ACPI tables.

- Audio codec and further info.

- Boot loaders and configuration files.

- CPU Info.

- Device-properties.

- Disk partition structure / info.

- Disk sectors (hex).



- I/O Kit Registry.

- EFI Memory Map.

- EFI vars (some).

- Kernel information

- Kexts - (list of currently loaded kexts).

- NVRAM (both Apple specific and UEFI firmware variables).

- SMC Keys.

- LSPCI (PCI vendor & device codes) dumps.

- RTC.

- System Profiler.

- System BIOS.

- System Log(s).

- Video BIOS.

The app can create an HTML report showing a complete overview.

What's New in Version 2.9.8


  • v2.9.7 -> 2.9.8
  • - Update VBIOS routine to use dumpACPI tool when checking for VFCT ACPI table in OS X 10.10
  • - suppress system_profiler: Can't get X86PlatformPlugin messages.
  • - UI elements are now non selectable (cannot be dragged over with mouse).
  • v2.9.7 ->
  • Fix issue where symlink would not be created is /usr/local/bin does not exist.
  • Update UI dump_acpi info page.
  • Replace dmidecode v2.12 with v2.12b.
  • Commit local changes from beta versions to bring repo up to date.
  • Revert to reading ACPI tables from ioreg for all versions of OS X before Yosemite.
  • Fix bug where clover revision number ending in zero would be truncated.
  • Update dumpACPI description.
  • Remove duplicate line
  • Add dumpACPI tool to dump ACPI tables from OS X, including Yosemite.
  • Add UI info page for x86info
  • Add licensing and source links for x86info to COPYRIGHT.txt file
  • Run x86info binary as normal user, regardless of running with root privileges or not.
  • Add CPU Info option. Using x86info binary (Thanks Slice).
  • Add detection for a Non System FAT16 partition boot sector to the boot loader detection routine, to match the disk partition routine.
  • Include Ozmosis Defaults.plist in bootloader configuration files dump. Adjust privatise routine to only mask loader confing data thats longer than 3 chars to avoid multiple search/replace issue.
  • Fix bdisk script output for partition type 0f
  • Replace edid-decode with version that now works in 10.8. Firmware log is now dumped regardless of firmware-version.
  • Try twice to unload VoodooHDA.kext (because of dependencies), if the script loaded it.
  • Replace MacGap binary with fat version.
  • Oops - bit premature with that last commit
  • Revise method of obtaining most recent AppleSystemLog
  • Fix bug with multiple vbios ROM's
  • Add word decoded to decoded Radeon ROM txt file.
  • Replace 32-bit version of RadeonPCI.kext for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 with revised version by Slice.
  • Update UI vbios info page and credits
  • Add atomdis and AnalyseVBIOS binaries for gathering further vbios info (Thanks Slice).

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