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XPC 0.90.41(updated) 1.0

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About This File

Hello. This page will be always updated.

This is a new version of XPC.



Please, visit these links about any issues and problems.

Instruction for installing XPC

1) Format your USB flash drive into FAT32

2) Launch XPC Boot Prepare Tool, and choose USB flash drive(don't make any mistakes, otherwise you should reinstall Chameleon on your main disk over again)

3) Take out your USB flash drive and put into back

4) Copy files of FullXPC14022013

You can install the XPC straight on your computer, but the your hard disk must have GUID Partition Table.


-Some bugfix

-Display of XPC version changed

-Added new setting



If set to 1, kernelcache will be searched for FakeSMC, and extra_kext will be skipped if it will be found in cache. Thx to aschar!


-Fix DDR2 speed detection, thx to TimeWalker75a!

-Some bugfix

-Display of XPC version changed


-Some bugfix

-Fixed VolumeLabelText gets not used, thx to Alex!

-Display of XPC version

-Added new HotKey F2 to save an Screenshot in efi\xpc\screenshots. Included is an Windows-Tool (Dot.Net 3.0) to convert screenshots to JPEG format.


Bugfix with taking DSDT that was only in version from 20.03.13


Bugfix for inject NVIDIA.


Re-enabled small OS-Type indicator icons.

Some small bugfix.


Re-enabled use of efi\xpc\theme\xpc_wallpaper.png

Some small bugfix.


Fix memory detection bug, scrolling in file-browser is new gui now (smoother scrolling).


Some bugfix, scrolling in settings-editor is new gui now (smoother scrolling).


Fixed Mach-O Patcher.

For most Mach-O binaries to patch, XPC must not use kernelcache, because they are OSBundleRequired 'Safe Boot', and not in the cache.

Anyway, it is always an better idea not to load kernelcache. That is for real Macs and not Hacks. Well, no big deal huh, 30 sec. longer boot no



Native Ivybridge Powermanagement.

Added code for creating X86PlatformPlugin needed P- and C-States. For this, an IvyBridge or SandyBridge cpu is required, as well as an Board-Id and Mac-Model. Set CreatePStates to 1 (XPC will choose old or new code after checking if new code is possible).

Added show CPU TDP in Hardware-Browser if Bridge-Cpu is used.

Added new key for SSDTHandling section:



1=fix, 0=no change

This will fix SpeedStep for IvyBridge CPU (try without, and use if SpeedStep will not work well this way)


Fixed some DDR2/3 and SPD detection problem.


Late 06.03.2013

New added create P-States from XPC:

The new key for SSDHandling Section are :









CreatePStates, 1 create, 0 dont create.

PLimitDict, the value you get from ACPI_SMC_PLATFORM.

MultiMin + MultiMax, the override for the min/max multi for your CPU. For example mine are 12 and 37, should not be used as you can control if XPC detects your multis with key '9' in GUI. So only use this if values are wrong. Multis displayed are 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C.

Please Report if it will work. You should set RemoveSSDT to 1 when you want to create P-StATES.



Some bugfix build 2. Some more fixes, DDR2 detection fix, as well some other. Report all problems please! Thx!



Some bugfix, fix DDR2 RAM detection


Removed use of Wallpaper (for now). If you don't have luck with entering to GUI


Bugfix for detecting CPU frequency. Please leave feedback!

New XPC GUI 1.5 Beta:

Reworked new XPC GUI beta. Changed theme.plist, added theme folder in efi\xpc\, added xpc_wallpaper.png, and some code to make the GUI some smoother.

Have a look in download! Please remember to copy the png icons!


New build with new setting:


This switch set to 1 means that no Image-Boot devices will be shown in GUI after boot.

If set to 0 or this switch is missing, Image-Boot devices will be shown.

In GUI you can toggle between display and hide Image-Boot devices with key '6'.



CPU speed fix.

Some importent bugfix.

Added boot from InstallESD.dmg inside Applications-Folder.

In XPC GUI you will see your volume with an OSX version displayed, and your volume with an label "Image-Boot". This will boot the installer.

InstallESD.dmg can still lay in root of any HFS+ volume to boot from this, like before.

!! Bugfix Build from 22.02.2013, 00:10 !!

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