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AppleHDA-272.50-ALC887-VD-Universal for Mac OSX El Capitan 272.50

About This File

AppleHDA for RealTek - ALC887-VD - AIO

Note : All new version and bugfixes are available at repo 




This is my version of kext contains Varoius patches from various system Codec_dump ..

Supports OS X Updates Proof method by Piker Alpha, no need of clover patches for AppleHDA

Here how to : New Styel of AppleHDA Patching with OS X Updates Proof

different Layout_ID will provide you different OutPut and Input ( Choose which suites you best)

Each and Every Layout_ID = 1 to 9 is working very well for me

Add all versions for ALC887-VD in a single kext.( Great idea by Mirone )

Altogether there are Nine versions in a single kext, you can test each of these versions

by changing the number of his Layout_ID, which will 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9.

  • Read the READ ME file attached along with the kext.
  • Use this flag is mandatory: kext-dev-mode=1.
  • Install in S / L / E.
  • After installing repair permissions and rebuild caches use an application of your choice.
  • keep the feedback to kext enhancements.

What's New in Version 272.50


  • OSX 10.11 Support

User Feedback

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It's at this point I realise I know nothing!

I don't understand which Kext to install ( there are a few in the download )

and also I haven't got a clue how to edit the LAYOUT_ID.

Can this be done using a simple tool such as Clover Configurator?


Any advice welcome......

Edited by smithy

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